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    No bad fashion girls!

      If you're a Moleca girl, carrying the 'originality' DNA is more than natural. If you ALSO join the trend of the moment, then get ready to win over a legion of fans   Twen...

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    Who has a friend, has everything!

      And we do know that.  That's why so many girls collect several pairs of Moleca shoes - because they can trust them, share memorable moments and it's all fun!   If you...

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  • MOLECA HQ | 12.01.2024

    Sweet comfort!

    Aww, it has never been so cool to keep your feet on the ground! Don't know what we're talking about? Scroll down to the end and check out the slippers from Moleca in candy colors to take you...

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  • MOLECA HQ | 05.01.2024

    Miss Congeniality

      Versatile and welcoming, the color white has become a universal must-have, and in the original shoes from Moleca, it brings personality and attitude to the look of every pretty girl   W...

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  • BEHAVIOR | 01.01.2024

    High spirits, heart wide open, mind up, and feet on the ground!

    That's how the girl powers want to spend the 366 days of 2024 and as far as the new slides from Moleca are concerned, there will be no shortage of lightness, comfort, good vibes, and fashion &nb...

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