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    Key-piece: eternal inspiration or savior of the nation?

    Both! What we really like is to feel good with no expiration date (hello self-esteem!), so check out the Moleca designs that have already won your heart, and of course, your look     Tren...

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    Denim mania: the timeless trend now until eternity!

    Have you ever imagined living in a world without jeans?  Neither have we. Moleca renews its designs collection in the trendy color, which will never cease to be fashionable It's common know...

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  • MOLECA HQ | 13.10.2022

    Explosive combination

    Moleca gets into the trend of the moment and distributes positive vibes with the shining color palette in all its designs. Come and color your best version! Fashion has never been so colorful, fun, a...

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  • FASHION | 06.10.2022

    50 shades of pink

    If you haven't triggered your Barbie version yet, it's just a matter of time! In fact, just time for you to get to know Moleca's shoes and handbags, fall in love, and endlessly desire t...

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