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    I\'m that girl!

    Just like Beyoncé's hits, the silver-tone shoes from Moleca are a blast in terms of style, comfort, and modernity   Long live the queen and silver. She asked, the public answered. R...

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    Summer, I have arrived!

    The novelties are endless and Moleca is here to follow all the fashion spoilers with a lot of irreverence and personality   It's official: there's an aesthetic, adopted by it-girls in...

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  • BEHAVIOR | 19.10.2023

    Minimalist touch, maximum impact!

    1, 2, 3 count! Designs of sandals and bags from Moleca, which are real hits for creating hot looks   Two words define the biggest spoiler of the season: thong sandals! Thong sandals are the new...

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  • FASHION | 06.10.2023

    If they were already a hit, imagine them together??

    You know that bestie you're so proud of? Moleca's jeans line in the most candy version of denim brings an incredible crowd to be your faithful companions 'now & forever'  ...

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