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    Moleca Besties: an invitation to success!

    All it takes is to look, try on, and rock! The three steps are followed by the fans of the brand, who already know the fame of the shoes acclaimed in every fashion trend   Did someone say summe...

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    Do you know the real meaning of "whatever"? This post explains!

    This wish-ballet flat from Moleca has successfully updated the definition of 'stylish' and comes in a stunning color palette so you don't have to decide for just one but for all the pai...

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  • MOLECA HQ | 14.11.2023

    We rock, baby!

    Turn up the volume on your style with Moleca's metallic riffs   If there's one thing we've learned from the celebs, influencers, and the hottest trends in street style and on soc...

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  • FASHION | 10.11.2023

    Love at first sight and double desire!

    Moleca posts and then runs off: now it's up to you to choose between the sporty sandal and the perfect bag! Our recommendation is to embrace all the tips and just wait for the looks, likes, and s...

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  • MOLECA HQ | 03.11.2023


    Even without the slightest intention, it's impossible not to be surprised when you come across shoes full of personality and updated backpacks from Moleca without letting out a 'WOW' &...

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