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    Are you ready for this comeback?

    They are back and they deliver everything and then some, baby! Moleca unites two big blockbusters - the ballet flat trend + the shade of the time - that promise nothing less than a red-carpet look &n...

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    A trip around the world with Moleca

    Inseparable, here you will find the shoes in the best style 'traveling besties' to go along with you in this delightful task that is living life, collecting very special moments. Where will ...

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  • BEHAVIOR | 21.03.2023

    They\'re in charge to take over the world and fashion!

      Moleca does not let go of the hands - or the feet - of women, owners of the hustle and bustle, who love to make history always with plenty of attitude, of course!   There is something ...

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  • MOLECA HQ | 17.03.2023

    In 2023, we wear magenta

      You don't need to be part of any 'Mean Girls' group to parade around with the must-have color of the moment! You just have to count on Moleca's designs to join the team of ...

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  • FASHION | 09.03.2023

    I will walk by faith?

      Because the flats from Moleca never fail! On the opposite: they embellish the look in an authentic way without giving up the comfy vibe and also enchant by the lightness with a spicy style eff...

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