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    It\'s called love!

      I want to see who will argue with the power of this synergy, which makes any outfit stand out and is among the most classic successful duos in fashion   When two pieces in the best mix ...

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    Let your attitude shine!

    The shoes from Moleca help you show the world who you are, girl! Trust your essence, step on it - without losing style, of course - and go after what you want   Digital natives, the Z generatio...

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  • FASHION | 16.05.2023

    A new - and fashionable - neutral shade is born!

    If you haven't fallen in love with off-white yet, Moleca brings you countless reasons to get attached to this color, which is not shy at all!   Do you want to know something? White was the...

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  • FASHION | 09.05.2023

    Trend alert for a boom in style: this post promises to shake you up!

    Get ready to increase your looks in an authorial way with the new designs from Moleca, responsible for all the admiration words: Wow, Oh, Awwww!   Shocking, thunderous and eye-catching. Don�...

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  • FASHION | 05.05.2023

    Can you bet on a comeback with a bold update? Not only you can. You must!

    It's hot! Moleca has prepared a surprise to present a hot trend to stir your closet in all seasons   A good trend goes beyond time, gives new meaning to fashion, and attracts different aud...

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