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    The most talked-about shade of all time is reaching new heights!

    Nothing can beat it! Pink has shown what it came for, it promises to make it happen in all four seasons and Moleca has a pink arsenal for you to reign absolute   Pink, hot pink. Pink, pink, neo...

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    Off-white: the most fashionable neutral shade you will find around here!

    Let yourself be involved in the minimalist timelessness of this shade with the more-than-perfect crushes from Moleca   There is only one thing better than a super trend: two mega trends! And if...

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  • FASHION | 19.06.2023

    The ´Worth Wearing Again´ dress code is chic, yes!

    Here, we do not mind repeated looks, even more so if we are talking about Moleca's sports shoes collection. Again, over again, just one more time...   "If you are not repeating your clothe...

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  • FASHION | 13.06.2023

    Who´s that girl?

    Inspired by the metallic super-trend, Moleca presents the most charming store window in the golden chromatic palette, which would please even the most demanding goddesses of Olympus   What is y...

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  • FASHION | 09.06.2023

    What is your´Moleca´ level in life?

    If you are one of those who loves to impose your attitude in your posture and style, then you are an authentic Moleca girl and will love the statement duo to imprint your personality wherever you go ...

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  • FASHION | 02.06.2023

    Jeans have won\': get ready with this universal maxi-trend!!

    How are you? Around here everything is pretty blue, always! Proof? We've got it! Come see how cute are the designs in the shade of jeans from Moleca   Hey girl, I'm sure you have in y...

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