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    Matching shoes + bags of different looks

    With creativity, your look of the day will be highly acclaimed! Some trends from years ago worked as a so-called rule. Example? Matching the same shade of shoes and handbag. Ask a Millennial and she ...

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    Who are you in Moleca\'s profile?

    Authentic, laid-back, it girl or classic? We want to know which one is you! Whether it is the color of the moment, the desired item, or the print, everything around us is in constant transition. The ...

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  • BEHAVIOR | 15.07.2022

    GRL PWR: amazing inventions and discoveries made by women

    Moleca has separated here great achievements led by female personalities in several areas.  Over time, women from different eras have also played a leading role through inventions and contributi...

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  • MOLECA HQ | 05.07.2022

    Can you match vichy + poá in the same look?

    Moleca?s HQ answers and even teaches you a simple way to start using this little mixture of prints! Girls, we took a break from our chores to let you know that yes, we do answer the questions that ar...

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