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    The glorious comeback of a fashion icon

      Timeless and irresistible, the ballet flats from Moleca are eternalized with a permanent signature of style, comfort, and 37 years of history   The international fashion weeks put the m...

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    United we are power, fashion, and originality!

    If a team is winning, you don't change it! But it is possible to innovate with creativity, style, and the exuberant color palette of Moleca to elevate a classic to its full force   Welcome...

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  • FASHION | 14.07.2023

    More color, please!

    Moleca invites you to dive into the colors and experience the euphoric sensation with our full-of-color shoes to keep your look and spirits high.   No matter the season. If the thermometers poi...

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  • MOLECA HQ | 07.07.2023

    The fashion revolution through the perfect mix!

    Witness the iconic meeting between contrasting styles and statement shoes from Moleca to compose an original and striking look   Do you know that saying 'opposites attract'? This mott...

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