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    One shade, a thousand possibilities: the ultimate basic!

      The classics from Moleca elevate one of the best sellers of any season - the black shade - to the utmost status of style   It never goes out of fashion. It's on in any season. It i...

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    Let\'s go party, girl!

    Moleca innovates its sportswear line with a totally high-spirited color palette and turns any dress code into a reason to party   And isn't it that this doll has been causing quite a stir....

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  • BEHAVIOR | 18.08.2023

    Our everyday jeans!

    Moleca has transformed the fabric - and the shade - a must-have of the global closet, into wonderful crushes. If you have to choose just one, you'll end up in tears   Is there any piece on...

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  • FASHION | 11.08.2023

    It´s your time to shine, girl!

    Those who have not made their debut in the brightest season yet will have their chance... The shiny flats from Moleca are your passport to a new world   Stop it all! Even 'Barbie' has...

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  • BEHAVIOR | 04.08.2023

    Two fashion inspirations, one trend to last forever!

    Is there still a female soul that hasn't surrendered to one of the most memorable comebacks in fashion? Well, if you have seen or are about to meet the line of ballet flats from Moleca, then the ...

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