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    Dressed to cause... impact and admiration!

    Get ready for a flood of likes with the most comfy combinations of the season with Moleca's shoes and bags, which are pure love   A comeback full of authenticity promises to be the sensati...

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    FOREVER AND EVER blockbusters

    What are little black dots gaining notoriety? You bet: they're the shoes and bags from Moleca revering your look with the utmost spontaneity   Now time to talk about a trend that doesn...

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  • BEHAVIOR | 08.09.2023

    Welcome aboard, girl!

    Fasten your seat belts and get ready for a trip to the enchanting, colorful, and fashionable world of Moleca's it-sandals to give your look an upgrade anywhere in the world    Do you ...

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  • MOLECA HQ | 01.09.2023

    Want to innovate in the look? Go for the Moleca dump!

    We present the impeccable new duo of the brand for you to create stunning looks and post your carousel with the top 10!   It's not enough to be just a comeback! If the trend is cool and en...

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