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    High spirits, heart wide open, mind up, and feet on the ground!

    That's how the girl powers want to spend the 366 days of 2024 and as far as the new slides from Moleca are concerned, there will be no shortage of lightness, comfort, good vibes, and fashion &nb...

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    Uncomplicated and perfect, you have shown up

      Beautiful, light, and easy, easy to match... The baby block heel sandal from Moleca is the perfect choice for the hottest season of the year and makes any outfit gain extra points with the mus...

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  • BEHAVIOR | 19.10.2023

    Minimalist touch, maximum impact!

    1, 2, 3 count! Designs of sandals and bags from Moleca, which are real hits for creating hot looks   Two words define the biggest spoiler of the season: thong sandals! Thong sandals are the new...

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  • BEHAVIOR | 22.09.2023

    FOREVER AND EVER blockbusters

    What are little black dots gaining notoriety? You bet: they're the shoes and bags from Moleca revering your look with the utmost spontaneity   Now time to talk about a trend that doesn...

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  • BEHAVIOR | 08.09.2023

    Welcome aboard, girl!

    Fasten your seat belts and get ready for a trip to the enchanting, colorful, and fashionable world of Moleca's it-sandals to give your look an upgrade anywhere in the world    Do you ...

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  • BEHAVIOR | 18.08.2023

    Our everyday jeans!

    Moleca has transformed the fabric - and the shade - a must-have of the global closet, into wonderful crushes. If you have to choose just one, you'll end up in tears   Is there any piece on...

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  • BEHAVIOR | 04.08.2023

    Two fashion inspirations, one trend to last forever!

    Is there still a female soul that hasn't surrendered to one of the most memorable comebacks in fashion? Well, if you have seen or are about to meet the line of ballet flats from Moleca, then the ...

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  • BEHAVIOR | 27.07.2023

    The glorious comeback of a fashion icon

      Timeless and irresistible, the ballet flats from Moleca are eternalized with a permanent signature of style, comfort, and 37 years of history   The international fashion weeks put the m...

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  • BEHAVIOR | 06.04.2023

    Wedges by Moleca: we need to talk about it!

    You may think you know what we are talking about because it is a classic, but the brand's current collection will take this it sandal to another level!   Hey, girls' power! What is it...

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  • BEHAVIOR | 21.03.2023

    They\'re in charge to take over the world and fashion!

      Moleca does not let go of the hands - or the feet - of women, owners of the hustle and bustle, who love to make history always with plenty of attitude, of course!   There is something ...

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  • BEHAVIOR | 27.12.2022

    Next stop: sun, sea, and Moleca

      Countdown to the dream vacation: the goal is to slow down, relax and surrender to the good vibes with lots of fashion information in the company of the brand's new and most involving desi...

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  • BEHAVIOR | 18.11.2022

    What is your biggest project for 2023?

    Well, Moleca's project is to continue to create functional and contemporary designs that meet the needs of this trendy, original woman who puts herself as a priority!   The end of the year...

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  • BEHAVIOR | 19.09.2022

    Who is more upbeat? A Gemini? A Leo? Or a Taurus?

    Come with Moleca to find out which zodiac signs are the most high-spirited.  No boredom! Cheerfulness always goes well when you are among your friends, at work, at a party, or on a date. This st...

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  • BEHAVIOR | 19.08.2022

    Enjoy your company!

    Moleca accompanies you even in those moments when you prefer to be alone, because style and comfort are never too much! Can you imagine having a day in the middle of the week for you to customize wi...

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  • BEHAVIOR | 15.07.2022

    GRL PWR: amazing inventions and discoveries made by women

    Moleca has separated here great achievements led by female personalities in several areas.  Over time, women from different eras have also played a leading role through inventions and contributi...

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  • BEHAVIOR | 24.06.2022

    Did someone say women in surfing? We are interested!

    Come and check out this very special post that celebrates women's participation in the consecration of the sport. Did you know that before becoming part of the United States, Hawaii was a kingdo...

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  • BEHAVIOR | 07.06.2022

    A little bit about the feminine influence in the gaming universe

    Thought you had no references in this area to inspire you? Well, check out this great post! Who here likes games? Let's face it, the experience is one of the coolest! And you don't even nee...

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  • BEHAVIOR | 03.02.2022

    Lock the pose, girls!

    Moleca HQ gives you tips to rock it when it comes to taking photos. In times of selfies and photos full of #aesthetic (which can be cottagecore, all connected with nature, for example) on social netw...

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  • BEHAVIOR | 20.01.2022

    Types of conversations you\'ve had with your BFF

    More than friends, besties! In a healthy friendship relationship, we know that you can count on bestie and she can count on us. In the dialogues below, which do you identify the most?   What do...

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