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    Ballet Flats + Red: the duo that will take you over the rainbow!

    In fact, the Moleca shoes will take you wherever you want to go, always with a lot of style and attitude, as every girl deserves   So, girls, who are your faithful squires? The ones who are up ...

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    Mania, trend, desire... This obsession has a name: flatform

    After reading this post, you have four must-have options from Moleca to elevate your looks with creativity and a lot of charm   Hello, girls! Let's talk about the shoe that's making ...

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  • FASHION | 10.04.2024

    Boots: the hot list of the season that will make you more of an it-girl than ever!

    You can just admire them, but it's worth reading this post so you don't have any doubts that you need to take all these Moleca boots home. Right now!   Just imagine: the music festiva...

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  • FASHION | 10.04.2024

    It is pure ecstasy!

    How can you not love this it-shoe, which has survived the years with great style and continues to win over fans from different generations! And if the ballet flats in question are made by Moleca, then...

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  • FASHION | 28.03.2024

    Fasten your seatbelts, your style has gone up!

    Ohhh, everything is more than ready for you to give your closet and look a boost with Moleca boots enveloped in the master-advanced-plus trend of the moment. Are you curious? Come and see!   I...

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  • FASHION | 08.03.2024

      The most anticipated reboot of the Moleca season already has a date (now!) and a place (your look, obviously!) to premiere. It's real and official: we see flowers on you!   &n...

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  • FASHION | 26.02.2024

    There\'s animal print in the area!

    Now it's the time for leopard to make its mark on the most creative compositions and as far as Moleca's shoes are concerned, you're going to be the highlight of our urban safari  ...

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  • FASHION | 15.01.2024

    Who has a friend, has everything!

      And we do know that.  That's why so many girls collect several pairs of Moleca shoes - because they can trust them, share memorable moments and it's all fun!   If you...

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  • FASHION | 15.12.2023

    With Moleca, it\'s not just a souvenir... It\'s great a gift!

    With so many lovely options, the challenge will be to go shopping and choose the designs from the brand for all the girl power in the family without taking a pair for yourself. When in doubt, put your...

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  • FASHION | 30.11.2023

    Moleca Besties: an invitation to success!

    All it takes is to look, try on, and rock! The three steps are followed by the fans of the brand, who already know the fame of the shoes acclaimed in every fashion trend   Did someone say summe...

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  • FASHION | 10.11.2023

    Love at first sight and double desire!

    Moleca posts and then runs off: now it's up to you to choose between the sporty sandal and the perfect bag! Our recommendation is to embrace all the tips and just wait for the looks, likes, and s...

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  • FASHION | 31.10.2023

    I\'m that girl!

    Just like Beyoncé's hits, the silver-tone shoes from Moleca are a blast in terms of style, comfort, and modernity   Long live the queen and silver. She asked, the public answered. R...

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  • FASHION | 06.10.2023

    If they were already a hit, imagine them together??

    You know that bestie you're so proud of? Moleca's jeans line in the most candy version of denim brings an incredible crowd to be your faithful companions 'now & forever'  ...

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  • FASHION | 29.09.2023

    Dressed to cause... impact and admiration!

    Get ready for a flood of likes with the most comfy combinations of the season with Moleca's shoes and bags, which are pure love   A comeback full of authenticity promises to be the sensati...

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  • FASHION | 31.08.2023

    One shade, a thousand possibilities: the ultimate basic!

      The classics from Moleca elevate one of the best sellers of any season - the black shade - to the utmost status of style   It never goes out of fashion. It's on in any season. It i...

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  • FASHION | 11.08.2023

    It´s your time to shine, girl!

    Those who have not made their debut in the brightest season yet will have their chance... The shiny flats from Moleca are your passport to a new world   Stop it all! Even 'Barbie' has...

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  • FASHION | 14.07.2023

    More color, please!

    Moleca invites you to dive into the colors and experience the euphoric sensation with our full-of-color shoes to keep your look and spirits high.   No matter the season. If the thermometers poi...

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  • FASHION | 30.06.2023

    The most talked-about shade of all time is reaching new heights!

    Nothing can beat it! Pink has shown what it came for, it promises to make it happen in all four seasons and Moleca has a pink arsenal for you to reign absolute   Pink, hot pink. Pink, pink, neo...

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  • FASHION | 19.06.2023

    The ´Worth Wearing Again´ dress code is chic, yes!

    Here, we do not mind repeated looks, even more so if we are talking about Moleca's sports shoes collection. Again, over again, just one more time...   "If you are not repeating your clothe...

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  • FASHION | 13.06.2023

    Who´s that girl?

    Inspired by the metallic super-trend, Moleca presents the most charming store window in the golden chromatic palette, which would please even the most demanding goddesses of Olympus   What is y...

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  • FASHION | 09.06.2023

    What is your´Moleca´ level in life?

    If you are one of those who loves to impose your attitude in your posture and style, then you are an authentic Moleca girl and will love the statement duo to imprint your personality wherever you go ...

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  • FASHION | 02.06.2023

    Jeans have won\': get ready with this universal maxi-trend!!

    How are you? Around here everything is pretty blue, always! Proof? We've got it! Come see how cute are the designs in the shade of jeans from Moleca   Hey girl, I'm sure you have in y...

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  • FASHION | 26.05.2023

    It\'s called love!

      I want to see who will argue with the power of this synergy, which makes any outfit stand out and is among the most classic successful duos in fashion   When two pieces in the best mix ...

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  • FASHION | 16.05.2023

    A new - and fashionable - neutral shade is born!

    If you haven't fallen in love with off-white yet, Moleca brings you countless reasons to get attached to this color, which is not shy at all!   Do you want to know something? White was the...

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  • FASHION | 09.05.2023

    Trend alert for a boom in style: this post promises to shake you up!

    Get ready to increase your looks in an authorial way with the new designs from Moleca, responsible for all the admiration words: Wow, Oh, Awwww!   Shocking, thunderous and eye-catching. Don�...

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  • FASHION | 05.05.2023

    Can you bet on a comeback with a bold update? Not only you can. You must!

    It's hot! Moleca has prepared a surprise to present a hot trend to stir your closet in all seasons   A good trend goes beyond time, gives new meaning to fashion, and attracts different aud...

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  • FASHION | 25.04.2023

    Shine is the biggest trend of the moment and we can prove it!

    If the idea is to go unnoticed, it is not going to work! The ballet flats and bags from Moleca promise zero discretion and extreme power just by stepping out of the house   It's all taken,...

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  • FASHION | 30.03.2023

    Are you ready for this comeback?

    They are back and they deliver everything and then some, baby! Moleca unites two big blockbusters - the ballet flat trend + the shade of the time - that promise nothing less than a red-carpet look &n...

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  • FASHION | 09.03.2023

    I will walk by faith?

      Because the flats from Moleca never fail! On the opposite: they embellish the look in an authentic way without giving up the comfy vibe and also enchant by the lightness with a spicy style eff...

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  • FASHION | 12.01.2023

    The queen of the ride

      You know that image that sticks in your mind? That's what will happen when you see Moleca's new arrivals in the stores. And once you have tried them on, they will never leave your wi...

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  • FASHION | 18.11.2022

    Think pink, girls! 

    Now it is the turn of mauve pink to hit the spotlight of the chromatic palette and increase the success of the pink family in Moleca's collections.   Oh, how crazy! If there is a trend tha...

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  • FASHION | 28.10.2022

    Key-piece: eternal inspiration or savior of the nation?

    Both! What we really like is to feel good with no expiration date (hello self-esteem!), so check out the Moleca designs that have already won your heart, and of course, your look     Tren...

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  • FASHION | 06.10.2022

    50 shades of pink

    If you haven't triggered your Barbie version yet, it's just a matter of time! In fact, just time for you to get to know Moleca's shoes and handbags, fall in love, and endlessly desire t...

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  • FASHION | 26.08.2022

    The maximalist trend wants to win your heart!

    It values the "excess" and the mix of several elements in a single look. Well, girls, it may seem controversial, but after many years of listening to slogans like "less is more" and looking for refer...

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  • FASHION | 22.07.2022

    Who are you in Moleca\'s profile?

    Authentic, laid-back, it girl or classic? We want to know which one is you! Whether it is the color of the moment, the desired item, or the print, everything around us is in constant transition. The ...

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  • FASHION | 12.05.2022

    Lets chat about espadrille?

    With a trip through the time tunnel and tips on looks to rock this trend? Yes, we have already gone through the existential crisis about what espadrille is, where it comes from, how to use it and why...

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  • FASHION | 06.05.2022

    Sneakers: sports item to street style star

    Between you and me: this is the most beloved shoe of all times! When a shoe joins style and versatility it is impossible not to become the desire piece of the ones most tuned in to fashion. In fact, ...

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  • FASHION | 22.04.2022


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  • FASHION | 12.04.2022

    Mule: how to wear the shoes that it girls love to collect?

    And take this #vision: Elizabeth Olsen, or Wanda, is there to prove.  Moleca HQ asks: do you know where the model we call the mule came from? It came from Morocco and was very used in the 70s, a...

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  • FASHION | 25.03.2022

    The matches for your style

    Moleca has incredible novelties that are coming to the stores, so you can update your look. Come here to know the highlights! Square flat The square format is the trend that has been dominating the ...

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