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>ARRIVING IN STORES | 30.12.2022

ion worth gold

Get to know the lineup of Moleca's crushes so you can score big on your looks without busting a gut


Ready to rock the field, pretty girl? The talk of the town, like a ball rolling at full speed, has to do with a passionate trend, worshipped both on national and international fields. We are talking about Brazilcore or Brasilcore fever, with even two nomenclatures. Chic! Around here, we will adopt the version with an 's', okay? It is worth remembering that the green and yellow aesthetic began long before the World Cup, in Qatar, evident in street style, in the feed of the main influencers, and in the outfit of artists, like the 'girl from Rio' Anitta, at Coachella, one of the biggest - and most popular - music festivals on the planet.


Check it out: the chromatic palette of our flag also hit the catwalks abroad. Does it sound good to you? Several brands elected the green, yellow and blue combo to illustrate their collections at NYFW (New York Fashion Week). The style won indefinite overtime on the game, and is in tune with references from the dopamine dressing movement (focus on intense shades to brighten up the look) and brings back key pieces from the Y2K trend, such as low-waist pants and baby look shirts.


This closet has a guaranteed fan club, baby! As Brazil is a country known for its fun and spontaneity, the fashion scene is no different. Tight marking on playful compositions and a yellow card for boring combinations. To win this fashion game, all you have to do is summon pieces that translate your personality well and rely on the support of your creativity. You can even resort to different ways of wearing the same piece. Moreover, monochromatic outfits with colorful accessories - earrings, hats, and even a different kind of make-up - are sure to score a great goal in your look.


Score: blowout!

And since you should not change the team that is winning, Moleca has an unbeatable tactic: betting on the revelation crushes to do great when arriving at the stores. The 'Number 10' of this selection goes to the mint shade, a player summoned for all the games, that is, featured in several versions of the collection. It is hard to beat this dribble, since it coordinates with many options from your closet, gorgeous!


It matches the color-blocking vibe (combining two or more vibrant colors in the same dress code), brings elegance to shy shades, and gives a show on its own when worn solo... When in doubt, just call the VAR - Video Assistant Referee -, and ask him to review the shot and confirm: the mint is all about happiness!


And combined with the original design and versatility of Moleca's shoes, your looks will not hit the post, it is a shot on goal with zero effort. Want to see it? How can you blame any impediment to the sandal with straps, block heels, and total sex appeal with the silhouette of the feet exposed? It is a must-have for end-of-year parties. A winning game is a game with good gunners. And Moleca only bets on success. The slip-on sneaker has a stripped-down shape and a lot of comfort to score only good vibes with every step. The favorite and the idol of the feminine fan club, the ballet flat, takes the audience to delight and is cheered by the triumphant entry of mint green with a metallic effect. Speaking of color, green is also the energy used by Moleca in the manufacturing of all its footwear. 98% of the energy consumed in the production of shoes comes from renewable sources, that is, clean energy. Pretty cool, isn't it?


But the final whistle only blows when the styling is perfect. The shoulder bag accomplishes its fashionista role and launches you as a six-time world champion in great style. You already have our six stars for style, girl! 





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