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>BEHAVIOR & LIFESTYLE | 13.01.2023

Game over for monotony!

Get to know the launches from Moleca to enter the competition in the greatest style. Now it's up to you: press play and show off your attitude!


Wear a cropped top and... celebrate! That's right. The straight talk goes to the gamer girls, a strong presence in electronic games (E-sports). According to the Game Brazil Survey (PGB), conducted by Sioux Group and Go Gamers in partnership with Blend New Research and ESPM, in 26 states and the Federal District, the participation of Brazilians in this universe keeps on growing. This year, the country reached the 74.5% mark of the active population. In other words, three out of four people here press play on their cell phones, video games, or computers. And 51% is due to the representation of women. Congrats, girls!


Oh, Moleca has been long talking about - and applauding - the attendance of women in games... Check here, the first post the brand did about the amazing journey of girls in this world of playful entertainment: A little about the feminine influence in the game universe - Moleca


For sure, this is the best season pass, as it indicates the highest number registered in the national territory. This industry grows at a very fast pace and generates new trends, especially in the fashion scene. And we love a super trendy, don't we? Even celebrities have taken a ride on the virtual mood to compose futuristic costumes with inspiration from the Y2K reference (year 2000). Pabllo Vittar, Luísa Sonza, Anitta, and our advertising girl Virginia use and abuse statement pieces, such as striking shoulder pads, oversized t-shirts, fishnet stockings, sweatshirts, jogger pants, and biker shorts.


The new tools indeed offer fun games with more realistic and impressive environments, promoting very immersive experiences. Just a detail: according to a report by Accenture, the global gaming segment has surpassed $300 billion, more than the movie and music markets combined. Wow! That is why it is worth it to improve your avatar, girl, and that means upgrading your dress code to look great AFK, that is, away from the keyboard.


Achievements / Trophies

Ready to keep up the style in and out of the game? That's easy! One of the fads that are totally on is to mix the e-girl (electronic girl/Tumblr) and hi-lo (mix sophisticated items with casual ones) aesthetics with a street style touch and totally bet on the combo of t-shirt and cropped top, short skirt, and sneakers. With this stripped-down composition, you will attract not only the attention of the viewers, zapping between channels, but also arouse the jealousy of the envious ones without an authentic look to call your own.


Moleca is there to help you climb the ranking among the most fashionable. Do you want to know what the game maneuver is? It is simple! Choose one of the designs, which corresponds to the MP (Magic Points) in the game. The fisherman sandal in the vibrant shade of coral elegance and the mauve pink slide, inherited from the Barbiecore wave - with or without socks - are like a sequence of accurate shots. The analogy is to show that there is no competitor to match in style with you, baby! 


We also have a selection of winners, which you can and should call up for your team at all times and count on a sure win. The coral elegance mule with braided straps imprints attitude to the look, while the mauve pink sneaker with varnish finish raises your score in terms of a BOLD outfit.


To banish monotony (the enemy) in this category, finish off the combination with a shopper bag or a crossbody bag. Do you approve? Because the planet is watching the gamer girl look. Seriously: the Pinterest Predicts Report 2023 pointed out that the search for this reference will increase by more than 3,370% in the coming seasons. We remain here in support. GLHF - Good Luck and Have Fun, girl!



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