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>BEHAVIOR & LIFESTYLE | 09.12.2023

Here comes the sun...

The sunny mood of Moleca is present in the new flats with an original shape, which will make fashionista outfits rock with extreme protagonism


Ok, ok, it's a fact that summer hasn't officially arrived yet - despite the high temperatures - but we have already set our sights on a super-trend that is perfectly in tune with the coming seasons, and what's more, every girl - for sure - has these it-pieces in her closet. The beachwear aesthetic (now with influences from the 'coastal girl' trend) travels from the coast to the streets, promising to infuse looks with resort-inspired fashion in a thoroughly contemporary way, you see! We're not talking about the famous 'beach cover-ups or pareo skirts'. We're talking about incorporating the summer dress code and giving urban outfits a new look.


Among the fashion desires, the bikini top comes into play to coordinate with longlines (long knitted cardigans) or the iconic white shirt - tip: choose an intense color to generate a vibrant contrast - and leave the first buttons open - and elevate the look with a casual & cool touch. Tops and cropped styles take the spotlight with all kinds of pairings: jeans, wide-leg pants, tailored pieces, and long skirts. The lace-ups and rings come out to make the outfit stand out and add a lot of charm. Oh, and if you want to add a straw hat, cowgirl style, that's cool too!


And it doesn't stop there! Hot pants, the hit of the season, get the spotlight as they become the perfect match for pieces with a handmade finish, such as crochet and macrame, and transparent fabrics, a fashion concept from both the 1990s and the Y2K vibe (2000s).  


Worthy of every wish list!

And guess which shoe delivers everything and more in terms of design, style, and comfort with zero effort, in addition to enhancing outfits with a fresh touch? Them! The extremely flirty and lightweight flats! But the well-established Moleca 'foot on the ground' design is no longer a basic concept, is it? Let's face it!


The modular version of the 5452.130 collection offers 2-in-1 functionality: you can wear it as a flat or turn it into a sandal by moving the straps (from the instep to the heel), in other words, you buy one Moleca and get 2! Not to mention the mix of fun shades - pink, denim, mint - and sober tones of pure elegance combined with powerful metallics - off-white with silver or gold. Hello to the metal details to top off the styling. It's not over! Moleca is renewing its collection of flats with the modernity of the square toe combined with the extra-wide shape of the single strap. You'll realize that they will be always with you!




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