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>BEHAVIOR & LIFESTYLE | 27.03.2023

A trip around the world with Moleca

Inseparable, here you will find the shoes in the best style 'traveling besties' to go along with you in this delightful task that is living life, collecting very special moments. Where will you take your pair of Moleca shoes now?


Who are you when you travel? Are you the one who loves to walk around and enjoy tourist attractions and unknown places, in an offline mood - you searched, found out, and surprised yourself or the one who opts for a quiet schedule focused on gastronomic experiences and strategic shopping at the stores on your wish list? Well, one thing is a fact: regardless of how long you stay here or there, it is unanimous (even for those who do not travel much!) that sneakers are the darling to accompany you on all kinds of adventures. And the leader of the ranking, as an indispensable piece to compose the perfect aerolook.


Our traveling it girls really know about things! Self-confident and empowered, they are increasingly throwing themselves into the corners of this big world... and on their own! Travel agencies and social media now offer an exclusive range of information directed to the feminine audience. There is even a global competition of tourism startups, organized by the World Tourism Organization (WTO), to reward companies specialized in this service. And do you know what motivates these brave women to take their own company along for the ride? Well, the list is long: self-knowledge, getting away from routine, connecting with nature, seeking new experiences, meeting people and cultures, overcoming limits, and a lot more.


Exploring other destinations only awakens good vibes. At least this is what an American survey indicates, in which 69% of women said they feel inspired when packing their suitcases! And speaking of organization, the fashion girls have already learned what is essential and what is not, right girls? Basic rule: to optimize space, the order is to bet on a pair of stylish key shoes, coordinating with the outfits of the luggage, different places, and with the functional combo: comfort + versatility + endurance.


Airplane mode

Moleca is a surefire partner for you to go far - and wherever you want - in various temperatures, matching all seasons of the year. And when it comes to the national preference - sneakers - the brand's sneakers, modesty aside, are a success anywhere in the world. The challenge will be to choose among so many designs with a lot of fashion information. You can start by choosing which has to do with your way of life: the slip-on, easy fitting, with no need for shoelaces, the high top, pure irreverence wrapped in a shape full of attitude, or the traditional version with a touch of contemporaneity, Moleca's DNA, huh?


It is not our intention to make you confused, but before you decide, it is worth taking into consideration another design, which also matches the travel vibe. The espadrille brings lightness and femininity and goes well with the pieces in the closet - oops, I mean - in the suitcase! The handmade trend is totally in fashion this season, emphasizing the handmade aesthetic and rustic effect with manual seaming, rope soles, and other materials such as straw, raffia, and canvas. It is on the feet of the influencers, who have already adopted it in their dress code WOW!


Now, to wrap things up, after you have found your Moleca it shoe, the focus is on the color palette, which is very diverse. Is it color that you want, my dear? Then check out the intensity of blue, mustard, neon pink, and magenta. If the idea is to invest in a range of neutral shades, no problem! Moleca brings the white and the off-white composition with gold, as well as, the black and the nude concept. Don't want to stick to the monochromatic trend? That's fine! The trio of black, white, and pink is the charm of the high-top sneaker. If it is up to Moleca, you are ready to be happy at your next stop! Have a nice trip, girl!  ?




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