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>BEHAVIOR | 24.06.2022

Did someone say women in surfing? We are interested!

Come and check out this very special post that celebrates women's participation in the consecration of the sport.

Did you know that before becoming part of the United States, Hawaii was a kingdom, and surfing was treated as a community activity? That's true, girls, both men and women participated, and there was prestige for those who did well (especially in the upper classes). However, things changed with the arrival of American missionaries who erased the practice and took away its mixed character.

It is in this conflict that the importance of women and their active involvement in the practice and culture of surfing is revealed. After all, its revival happened at the turn of the 19th century and, among so many characters that stood out in this process, is Princess Victoria Ka'iulani. In the history of surfing, she is often mentioned as the one responsible for leading her people back to the sport. It is even said that she was responsible for the first act of surfing in Great Britain. Cool, right?


Since then, women have not stopped contributing to the popularity of surfing, like Kathy Kohner who learned to surf as a teenager in the 50s. Producing a collection of books called Gidget, written entirely on the basis of her experiences around the country and which gained film and television adaptations. Spreading the image of surfers throughout the USA and becoming a pop icon!

But... Surfing ended up being dominated by men, especially when the 60's arrived. This was mainly because of the movies. Including surf music - a musical subgenre with rock influence that has in its DNA the sound and lyrics related to the sport. But there was Rell Sunn, the Queen of Makaha, who was (and still is) considered one of the greatest and best surfers in the world! And look at that! She simply went there and did it: she entered competitions because there were not enough women participating.

And in Brazil? There are so many incredible references that we get lost when it comes to tell you about them. One of them is Maya Gabeira, an established name that returned to the spotlight when she broke her own world record for the longest wave surfed by a woman last year. There is also Silvana Lima and Tatiana Weston-Webb who will represent Brazil in Tokyo, in the debut of surfing as an Olympic sport. There is also Brigitte Mayer who is recognized as the first professional surfer in the country. Together, they inspire girls and women to follow this career, delivering that surfing brings a huge sense of belonging.

Which brings us to the fact that the theme of this year's International Surfing Day was The Beach Belongs to Everyone, reflecting that, yes, women do cheer for each other and fight for their space in competitions.

And we can't wait to see the women's team in action at the Tokyo Olympics. Here, we will be following along with you and wish them the best swell during the competition days! Oh, and since Japan has a time zone opposite ours, the chance of watching these girls who represent the true #GirlPower Made in Brazil at night will be great. That's why we have already selected our favorite flats to compose that comfy look with attitude. And, of course, waiting for your pictures and reports in the @moleca_oficial DM!


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