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>BEHAVIOR | 06.04.2023

Wedges by Moleca: we need to talk about it!

You may think you know what we are talking about because it is a classic, but the brand's current collection will take this it sandal to another level!


Hey, girls' power! What is it: comeback from the 1990s, keeps you on top with zero effort, has a characteristic one-piece heel - between 10 and 12 cm - that resembles a triangle, and has become a must-have in high temperatures? Congrats to those who pulled in the memory and on the list of favorite pieces, the wedges. The it sandal is a trump card in a woman's closet since it can match from the office look to the happy hour, that is, you can wear and abuse this beauty for hours without getting off the heel and still keep your style up there!!


If you are one of those who always keep your 'trend alert' on, you know that the fashion cycle is constantly renewing itself, and this fashionista back and forth is common. Even more so when this appearance brings immediate approval. And there was no way it could be different. The design with a casual-chic proposal of the wedges provides lightness and comfort when walking. And think of a sandal, the perfect crush in your closet: it coordinates with the fluidity of dresses, midi skirts, and jumpsuits, and takes the sobriety out of tailored pants. Is that good for you?


In the right measure!

Its distinguished shape with an inclination between the top of the heel and the tip of the toes (gradually decreasing) provides more stability when stepping, you see? You can trust it! We warn you because it will be impossible not to be charmed by Moleca's wedges. From now on, that natural mechanism - that urge to buy - will manifest itself as soon as you come across Moleca's original designs.


The heel does not change, but the detail goes to the finishing of the straps. They come in a single version, crossed, thin, thick, and also as lace-ups, a strong trend of the moment. The other is the monochromatic fever with vibrant shades. In the intense palette, Moleca's champion team stands out - only the season's besties, such as magenta, neon pink, and lilac, alongside the glam neutrals, nude, and off-white.


The novelty lies in the presentation of a vibrant nuance among the saturated shades, which have been delivering everything in this latest fashion. The cerulean blue gives the look a splash of color and has an iconic reference. Who can forget the scene where Miranda Priestly - played by Meryl Streep - in the movie The Devil Wears Prada gives a real lesson? It's not turquoise. It is cerulean. We understood and have already taken the tip!






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