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>BEHAVIOR | 19.08.2022

Enjoy your company!

Moleca accompanies you even in those moments when you prefer to be alone, because style and comfort are never too much!

Can you imagine having a day in the middle of the week for you to customize with very enjoyable activities? We can borrow the Nordic cultural tradition for inspiration: the term lillördag (in Swedish) means "little Saturday" and serves as a kind of shield against stress by using Wednesday for small celebrations. The idea is to have a short weekend within the week, always busy and full of demands.

Everyone knows that women can perform more than one activity at the same time. But the proposal is precisely to toast with moments appreciated in a deep way, to enjoy one thing at a time. This, perhaps, is one of the assertive solutions to pay attention and really live the present moment, balance personal and professional life, prioritize physical and mental health, and even escape boredom.

For this, it is worth putting aside the Wonder Woman cape and elect your "Wednesday" to promote a buzz that measures up to what you deserve. Moleca has prepared a mini-guide to keep you focused on your own company!

First of all, choose a day of the week to call your own and throw yourself into the "I deserve it" agenda. Check it out!

Loves me, loves me not

 * Call a friend to 'binge-watch' a romantic comedy or to catch up on what's happening on the big screen. Detail: you must put your cell phone on airplane mode!



* Choose a playlist and make a commitment to listen to an entire song before moving on to the next one, with no rush! The same for reading. Set a time or number of pages, without diverting attention.


* No waiting for a special reason to wear the look you bought a while ago. Take it out of the closet and make the debut. The world deserves to see you looking beautiful out there!




* Invest in your private space, after all, our home is the best place to be. You can buy flowers or just change the position of the furniture. These simple changes warm the heart!




* How about using this strategic pause to risk a new haircut? That's a reason for renewal, isn't it?




* And last but not least, take a look at your contact list and be happy! 



No matter what you are doing on your "Wednesday" off, Moleca is here as your BFF in all your adventures without letting go of your hand. By the way, we give you a hand with several stylish options that match different occasions. Check it out:

There are flats, sandals, ballet flats, and sneakers, highly comfortable and with plenty of charm. We have reserved some versions with pure trendy shades: the coral elegance and the pink gloss! Both reinforce a monochromatic outfit as well as an intense look, complementing vibrant pieces. So, how will you celebrate?


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