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>BEHAVIOR | 08.09.2023

Welcome aboard, girl!

Fasten your seat belts and get ready for a trip to the enchanting, colorful, and fashionable world of Moleca's it-sandals to give your look an upgrade anywhere in the world 


Do you know which verb conjugates perfectly with: for work or pleasure, to stay for a long time or just to get out and about, good with the family, with the besties, the crush or just on your own? Whoever thought of travel got it right! According to research, destinations with the infallible duo of sun and beach are the most popular. And for your look to take off with zero effort, a suitcase packed with plenty of style works like a non-stop flight plan to success, baby girl! Comfy pieces are your must-have for a happy, first-class season when it comes to versatility + well-being!


 When it comes to a Moleca girl, then, the fashionista spice calls for immediate boarding! That's why it's worth betting on the early check-in of trendy, laid-back sandals with a minimalist look to set off all your outfits with super-original combinations. Buckle sandals are the must-have passport for updating cool outfits, whether on the road or by the sea, topping the wishlists of the coolest trendsetters, including Taylor Swift. In one of her rare public appearances - off stage - the pop star was spotted on the streets of New York wearing the design, a hit every season. It's easy to understand, since it coordinates with both casual outfits (jeans and a T-shirt) and the elegance of a linen dress (wonderful, right?)


Landing in your closet


Even though they're not pretentious, Moleca's trendy buckle sandals promise to steal your heart. Care and authenticity are taken very seriously here, you see! And the designs in the color of the moment - off-white ( - guarantee a plus to the dress code. You can opt for the version with the addition of pink, another strong trend, and the glow effect (which is here to stay!) in varnish or the glam finish in rhinestones, adding luminosity. The buckles are the highlight of the eye-catching design. Tip: the brand's collection of socks - young and irreverent - has everything to elevate your look in the bkink of an eye. In cotton or lurex, the range of classic shades (pink, lilac, pink and Sicilian yellow) is pure charm!


Want more reasons to stand out? Okay! Just take a look at Moleca's new wedges. The off-white clog with the crossover straps and the pink varnish sandal evoke the resort aesthetic with a lot of attitude. Now it's on you: take a great photo of your look, put your cell phone on airplane mode to enjoy it without moderation and have a nice trip, girl!







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