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>BEHAVIOR | 22.09.2023

FOREVER AND EVER blockbusters

What are little black dots gaining notoriety? You bet: they're the shoes and bags from Moleca revering your look with the utmost spontaneity


Now time to talk about a trend that doesn't care about the weather? Let's face it: black is like that song you never get tired of hearing. The classic with no expiration date - in fact, lifelong -, the icing on the cake, the player always at the top of the game, ready to play in any position (clothes, shoes, accessories), proving to be an authentic fashion chameleon, transforming every outfit into a beautiful style feat. And when it gets the intensity of the all-black, it is like every piece whispers 'I am unbeatable'!


The all-black aesthetic is far from monotonous and the details play a major role in making your outfit pop. Each choice is like a shared secret, an exclusive touch, a code for the it-girls. Embroidery, shiny applications, handmade finishes, strategic zippers, and stonework provide an unbeatable upgrade to the look, achieving that stunning result!


Shots of attitude

With the top selection from Moleca, your love for this universal darling will go up a level in the blink of an eye. So, get your feed ready for these Seven Wonders! Oops, we've brought you eight incredible novelties - one for each day of the week - and a bonus for you to have on hand, just in case... After what you see here, casual looks will never be the same again. Just read this post to the end.


It stands for attitude with modern styling to spare. The sporty sandals with tractor soles express absolute irreverence with the foolproof black and off-white duo on the printed straps, which is a perfect match for the equally eye-catching mini backpack with a puffer effect. Looking for something romantic? We'll give you the perfect bet: varnished ballet flats - the ultimate update driven by the ballet core - featuring a square toe highlighted by a metallic bow, paired with a shoulder bag embossed with Moleca's logo.


Oh, thinking of a very urban mood? Without a doubt, the sneaker with a high white box sole in contrast to the black and the shoulder bag in a seamless rectangular shape with a braided effect and zipper closure. Is it versatility that calls? To understand, just look at the all-black loafer - including the finish on the upper - and the BFF shoulder bag with a minimalist design, also used in crossbody mode. Now you're stocked up on Moleca crushes in the one & only shade.


If you want to ensure a boost in the dress code, it's worth investing in cotton socks or extra shine, in lurex, in a fun color palette, a delight in the combinations.






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