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>BEHAVIOR | 01.01.2024

High spirits, heart wide open, mind up, and feet on the ground!

That's how the girl powers want to spend the 366 days of 2024 and as far as the new slides from Moleca are concerned, there will be no shortage of lightness, comfort, good vibes, and fashion


A new year and so is routine! If there is ever a good time to renew your energy and set goals, this is the beginning of the year. And nothing could be more effective than starting a journey of transformation with the power of mantras. Have you ever heard of mantras? They are short phrases or sounds that serve as constant reminders of ideas or values that are meant to be internalized. They also help to calm the mind, improve concentration, raise awareness, strengthen self-esteem, and even reflect the essence of fashion through your look, girl!


Moleca invites you to explore this esoteric universe, taking a ride in the lightness of the iconic footwear for those who love to keep their feet on the ground, but with the feeling of being in the clouds. The updated EVA slides - and irresistible - from the most original brand on the planet, give an urban vibe with a maximalist reference to the puffer aesthetic added to the WOW effect of quilting. The result? Perfect harmony for you to connect with your 'self' and focus on your achievements for 2024. Tip: each shade of slide takes you to a powerful mantra to accompany you with passion from January to December. Check it out!


"Believe in it happening"

Fashion is not just about clothes, but also about believing in the magic of possibilities. This mantra makes room for the manifestation of your wishes. The nude slide helps to create a look of confidence and makes you ready to enjoy a life full of surprises. Just believe and go!


"No One Can Beat Me"

Empowerment is the watchword of contemporary fashion. This mantra translates the bold attitude that every girl should embody when defining her impactful look. The slide in the must-have black shade expresses dressing with veracity, showcasing your unshakeable inner strength.


"I Choose Happiness"

No more fleeting trends! Fashion is an extension of who we are. By choosing pieces from your closet that spark optimism, you automatically cultivate a radiant state of mind. The pink slide brings delicacy and femininity with great prominence.





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