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>BEHAVIOR | 01.12.2023

Uncomplicated and perfect, you have shown up


Beautiful, light, and easy, easy to match... The baby block heel sandal from Moleca is the perfect choice for the hottest season of the year and makes any outfit gain extra points with the must-have bag


Well, well, we challenge you to think of an it-shoe that combines versatility and a few extra centimeters without mentioning the 'perfection'. We whisper that to you: baby block heel sandal. An undeniable combination of easy mobility and a dash of style, this is the piece that screams 'I'm so needed, take me'! A confirmed trend, the ideal height allows you to wear heels all day long with zero effort, as well as being an everlasting investment since it matches a woman's functional closet.


The design with its delicate silhouette and medium heel offers just the right amount of lift and has conquered not only street style, but has also made a strong presence on national and international catwalks and made its way into girls' closets because it can update any look, from casual to chic&cool, with no fuss! In the blink of an eye, you can simultaneously look beautiful and have an ally at your feet for hot days. Did you find yourself thinking of countless outfits? So did we, check it out!


If they already made an impact... imagine them together!

The baby block heel version from Moleca does not need any comment. The alluring minimalist design with the charm of the straps - on the ankle and instep - ensures high voltage in your outfits. And the range of shades is a showstopper, suiting all tastes. Check it out: those who are more shy can use and abuse the impeccable neutrals in nude and black shades, and those who love to include dots of color in their dress code will love the vibrancy of pink.


Like it? Just wait until you meet another crush to fall in love. Sandals won't be your only besties. The bags with their original shoulder strap or crossbody shape will accompany you on the most varied day-to-day appointments - at music festivals, in the mall, on a date, lunch with the family, or hanging out with friends - to finish off the outfit with a wow effect. Detail: you can choose the same colors as the sandals or invest in new compositions. How about choosing a different duo this week? The lucky charms loaded with attitude deliver it all and will also keep your styling on top.







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