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>BEHAVIOR | 04.08.2023

Two fashion inspirations, one trend to last forever!

Is there still a female soul that hasn't surrendered to one of the most memorable comebacks in fashion? Well, if you have seen or are about to meet the line of ballet flats from Moleca, then the answer is NO!


Extremely charming. Owner of remarkable contrasts, full of attitude and delicacy. Symbol of femininity without moderation. We could write a thousand and one lines to talk about one of the most iconic beauties of cinema and fashion. In fact, it is worth checking out the Brigitte Bardot: 'Doug, my Darling' exhibition here, or if you are strolling through Paris, stop by the GadCollection gallery to see up close, until July 21st, rare photographs of the French muse through the eyes of photographer Douglas Kirkland, pure talent in the art of clicking divas. Considered one of the greatest it-girls (and world muse of the animal cause) of the century, it is easy to understand why the fashionista style by Bardot is so copied even today.

And do you know which hit of the women's closet, and especially of the history of fashion, shares the same characteristics, and which, by the way, became the dress code signature of this hurricane called Brigitte Bardot? The ballet flat! That's right. She is superON! One of the most coveted pieces of the actress's look has become a consumer good ever and ever. A comeback with a very high approval rating, it became in the blink of an eye, one of the most sought-after trends of recent times. Have you also surrendered to the hypnotic balletcore movement? Confess, girl!

Making history

Hello, hello lovers of bold styling, just come on in: the aesthetic inspired by ballerinas, booming on street style, catwalks (even at Haute Couture Week), and the trendiest feeds - wow! - takes us back to the past with our feet in the future to deliver nostalgia-filled outfits enveloped in modernity. What does that mean? Revamped ballet flats with a stylish design, the trademark of Moleca, which already lives in our hearts!

A classic of millions, the pointed-toe version is a must-have on the feet of the most trendy to ensure - with zero effort - that immediate upgrade in the look. Oh, and as Moleca knows its audience too well, it made a point of providing flawless details in the finish, such as the apparent stitching and the bow with a kind of mini padlock. Even Cinderella would want a pair for her! Oops, calm down, Moleca does not stop surprising: you can choose between the statement colors of the season - pink, off-white, jeans - and the beloved neutrals, like nude and black, to start collecting right now, girl!



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