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GRL PWR: amazing inventions and discoveries made by women

Moleca has separated here great achievements led by female personalities in several areas.

 Over time, women from different eras have also played a leading role through inventions and contributions that have transformed our daily lives, making our everyday life even more versatile and practical. Whether in science, engineering, programming, chemistry, and countless other areas, here we dedicate a small space and homage to the names that have made and still make a difference in the history of humanity. Come along with us!

Hedy Lamarr – Wi-Fi

 Hedy, besides being an inventor, was also a Hollywood actress, which means that she had several areas of activity. Cool, right? During World War II, the Austrian invented the first wireless communication system, preventing military radios from being tapped. As a result, her invention became the basis for wireless transmitter (Wi-Fi), GPS and Bluetooth.

Ada Lovelace – algorithms for programming

Ada was an English mathematician who worked on the creation of algorithms for a calculating machine in the mid-1840s. This was the first possible algorithm to be implemented in a computer, which made her the first programmer in history. Awesome!

Florence Parpart – refrigerator

One of the most essential household items was created by Florence Parpart, in 1914. It is hard to imagine our life without this appliance, isn't it? She was also responsible for creating one of the most efficient street-cleaning machines of the time.

Anna Connelly – fire escape


You know those outdoor stairs that appear in movies set in New York? They were developed thanks to Anna Connelly in 1887 as a safety measure, and placed on the outside of buildings to make evacuation happen quickly and safely. Today, they are extremely important in helping to save many lives.

Shirley Ann Jackson - Caller ID

She is the first African-American woman to achieve a PhD degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Shirley conducted research that led to major inventions in technology and telecommunications: solar panels, fiber optic cables, and the devices behind call waiting and caller ID.

Marie Curie – radioactivity


The Polish woman was the first to win the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1903, and later, in 1911, she also won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry. She created radioactivity, which resulted in the invention of the X-ray. Together with her husband, she also discovered the elements radium and polonium, used in radiotherapy. Her life was portrayed in a recently released streaming movie.

Talented Brazilians? We have some!

Aurinda Maria  da Silva  - elderly caregiver

Invention: Carpet with sensor

Her profession, elderly caregiver, gave origin to the mat that aims the security of children, elderly and patients, activates the alarm (the device also works via Bluethooth and Wi-Fi) when stepped on, sending a warning to the caregiver that there is someone near a risk area.

Luciana Milano Alberto – anti-theft cover with alarm and wristband

This is a resistant cover, difficult to remove, that has a cord and can be attached to a wristband or pants. When pulled, it sets off an alarm.

Oh, and if you have any inventions, a good tip is to look for the National Inventors Association Share it, you may get a partnership for the project to be viable!

Moleca – girl power of the brand

 Moleca shoes are thought, developed and produced by a team of women. From the board of directors to the creation of the models, marketing, commercial supervision, creative team and social networks. Did you know that 68% of the people who work on the production of the brand are women? And we cannot fail to mention and pay homage to the women workers who put hands and heart on the manufacturing line, in the factories, and who are also responsible for the brand's authentic fashion.

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