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>BEHAVIOR | 18.08.2023

Our everyday jeans!

Moleca has transformed the fabric - and the shade - a must-have of the global closet, into wonderful crushes. If you have to choose just one, you'll end up in tears


Is there any piece on the planet more popular than jeans? No need to ask! The most democratic and permanent fashion item is an unbeatable classic and the favorite of likes! It was voted the garment of the 20th century by Time magazine and a survey (according to Global Lifestyle Monitor) states that a large part of the world's population surrenders to it at least three times a week. Wow! In Brazil, women represent the largest consumer audience (68%) and 99% of respondents confirmed adhering to jeanswear in the coming years (the result of a study by IEMI - Market Intelligence).


"I wish I had invented blue jeans. It has sex appeal and simplicity - everything I imagine when I make my clothes." French designer Yves Saint Laurent summed up very well the power of this beloved darling. You can't deny it: versatile, it matches the easy chic mood while revering the cool & comfy vibe. The season brings under the spotlight the all-jeans maxi trend - adopted by celebrities and influencers such as Carla Diaz, Camila Coelho, and Kloe Kardashian to be the status of the day, afternoon, and evening.   


Go for it!

Denim is that friend that we always want around. And Moleca understands how important it is to keep the besties together, at all times. So, to help you in the mission of creating an all-jeans look in your Moleca way, we present the fascinating designs of the brand to be added to your wishlist. The high-top sneaker promises to rock in street style compositions not only for the fashionista element - the detail of the chain applied on the side - but, for the convenience of the elastic shoelace when putting on. The espadrille mixes a touch of romanticism in the form of a bow with glitter application to the rustic finish of the sole.


The outfit of wide-leg pants with a cropped jacket can be even more trendy with block-heeled clogs, and the crossband flats offer instant modernity. Tip: the mix of different washes gives an upgrade and helps to highlight the look. And for each of these combinations, Moleca has the perfect bag to ensure the utmost style. The tote bag oozes personality. The shoulder bag version with the famous M logo is pure elegance. For those who like minimalist styling, the rectangle-shaped version is a must-have! And the crossbody with braided effect is for you to arrive in great style. We do not expect less than that, do we, girls?





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