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>BEHAVIOR | 27.07.2023

The glorious comeback of a fashion icon


Timeless and irresistible, the ballet flats from Moleca are eternalized with a permanent signature of style, comfort, and 37 years of history


The international fashion weeks put the main comebacks into play, a result of spoilers for the season, which of course are already sure bets for Moleca. One of the most acclaimed comebacks and with 100% approval has to do with a shoe with a pedigree, which completely left the comfort zone of the classics team and got a revolutionary upgrade, remaining at the top of fashionistas' wishlists. Renamed ballet flats, the flat is one of the great legacies of the brand from our heart, which started in 1986, virtually the firstborn of Moleca's family.  


The slogan 'if it's a ballet flat, it's Moleca' has never made so much sense, has it? It is enough to go through the closet of the matriarchs ("mommies and grannies") to be sure that Moleca ballet flats have been a part of the women's desires for generations. With their 'in' status and fancy air, they are a very assertive match with the preppy aesthetic - from traditional pieces to cool items - and are also totally allowed to surf the tailoring wave with glamour! The secret of their success is to match our bittersweet climate, mixing warmth at the beginning of the day with lower temperatures in the evening.


Smart Fashion

Well, I don't need to remind you about the undeniable variety in Moleca's store window with unique ballet flats in the original design and several finishings to satisfy every girl power - from an immense range of textures, prints, details ( bows, knots, crystals) -, always hand in hand with the latest trends, such as metallics, distinguished beak shapes, and mainly, a chromatic palette, which enables you not to repeat even one color from Sunday to Sunday.


Today, we call for the game the line 5726 with modern shape, thin beak and delicate heel Today, we call to play the 5726 line with a modern shape, thin beak, and delicate heels, with options in the most requested shades of the season, such as magenta, rosé, black, off-white, and nude (I think Moleca does it on purpose so that you can have them all in your closet, girl!) But if you prefer to vary the modeling and wear different styles, you can choose versions, starting at R$ 49.90. Wow!


In addition, we know that your happiness is even more complete for knowing that you are taking home footwear designed with a purpose: 64% of the employees who work in footwear manufacturing are women and paid by function ("Wow!"), a sustainable mindset throughout the production cycle. What does this mean? It does not use water and 98% of the power used in manufacturing comes from renewable sources, that is, it is green (wind/solar/SHPPs). Oh, and the super comfort of the insoles is the result of using EVA scraps as raw material. Zero waste and environmental awareness never go out of style. At least for Moleca (respect our history!).




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