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>BEHAVIOR | 27.12.2022

Next stop: sun, sea, and Moleca


Countdown to the dream vacation: the goal is to slow down, relax and surrender to the good vibes with lots of fashion information in the company of the brand's new and most involving designs.


The Ministry of Health advises: traveling is really good for you and also helps recharge your batteries! And if your suitcase is packed with Moleca's must-haves, then you can exude style without moderation. Here, we help you in both directions. Knowing the top destinations to enjoy the summer, and of course, unveiling the trends to compose the most fashionable outfits and have fun showing off attitude. 


According to a survey conducted by a travel search engine, January is the ideal month to plan vacations or that well-deserved break, since the Christmas gifts come in the form of reduced fees for both airfare and lodging. Whoa, great news! So let's open the computer now and start searching for the best paradisiacal scenarios to fill the shopping cart with affordable options. After all, pretty girl, you deserve to collect a lot of emotional moments - as well as a lot of nice photos. 


To quote Jorge Ben Jor, 'we live in a tropical country, blessed by God and beautiful by nature', right? The Brazilian locations are still enchanting and occupy the top positions for a happy landing. Among the most popular places are Recife, Maceió, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Fortaleza, Salvador, Natal, Porto Seguro, João Pessoa, and Porto Alegre, seven of which are located in the Northeast alone, which means very high temperatures to enjoy the best combination of sun, sand, and sea. The shade and fresh water you can leave to enjoy on the way back, ok?


Time of joy

The movements are not only a privilege of the fashion world. Tourism also presents its trends in new concepts, such as slow travel and wellness trip, prioritizing the experience of living without hurry, away from the digital immediatism and with emphasis on well-being and self-knowledge. People want to escape from daily stress, connect with nature, and dedicate themselves to activities that bring lightness and a broad smile. 


Once more, Moleca is ready to accompany you on your adventures and make you look good in the cool and fresh beach dress code. To optimize your luggage - and leave room for pampering - the tip for millions is to take only what is necessary. We suggest you embellish your feet and guide yourself around comfortably with pairs in the chromatic palette composed by two shades: coral elegance, representing the vibrant tones to create electrifying looks, and cream, a trump card of neutral nuances to match with all the pieces in your suitcase and grant an extra BOLD composition. 


The modern and ultra feminine design can be seen in the several styles in the collection. When in doubt, there are flats to please diversified tastes. With thinner straps, leaving the silhouette of the foot well exposed, in a sensual vibe, or with girlie styling, with bows promoting a casual romantic combination, nothing obvious. The fisherman and flatbed versions gain an attractive twist this season by easing the posture and leading to instant relaxation. 


Oh, and the most interesting thing: all designs are perfectly compatible with the aesthetics elected to be a hit in the hottest season of the year, such as transparent pieces in colorful fabrics, satin dresses and mini skirts - revival of the 1980s -, blouses with front ties, apparent lace, or to complement the outfit with slip dresses and strategic cut-outs. To top it off with that unusual detail, take a bucket bag with you to relax and confirm a look full of spontaneity. Then, all you have to do is strike the right pose because we want to see overposting of gorgeous looks!  




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