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>BEHAVIOR | 20.01.2022

Types of conversations you\'ve had with your BFF

More than friends, besties! In a healthy friendship relationship, we know that you can count on bestie and she can count on us. In the dialogues below, which do you identify the most?


What do I do now?

Sometimes we are in the heat of a moment, and we can't analyze right. And your bestie can assist, helping you to see the situation differently. And she's pretty much a sensible fairy, she usually gives you good advice, and it's kind of a therapy session, right? She always has patience with us, and the opposite also super happens.


I only go if you go

Suddenly, some event or meeting with people you do not know much appears and you know that your friend (of course, depending on her availability) can help you out. After all, her company is always pleasant and so, you can be more confident to adapt to the new environment.


Remember that one time?

You have been through various situations together, some happy, serious, and some funnier. And how nice it is to remember these moments, including when you scroll through some picture from years ago and is remembered by social networks, in the famous (and sometimes, mega funny) #TBT. You want to go back to that time, right, girl? #missing


Can you stop by to pick me up?

From time to time you have some issue with the car, or your friend has already gotten her license, then you talk over and rescue each other, even for a ride to work.


Don't post this one

This topic is quite subjective, not the least because you think you're not looking good in the photos, but your bestie tells you that you are great. And since your friend always respects you, she ends up not even posting, after all, she does not like to hurt the BFF.


So much to talk about!

You can spend several hours together, on the phone or on whatsapp, and it will not be enough to bring matters up to date and on the gossip of the moment. Oh and of course, that the more friendship, the more emojis in the conversation.


Girlfriend, you won't guess what happened

You may have numerous friends, but you will always want to tell your BFF the novelty first. Be it a hunk you have your eye on, a difficult test at college that you got a great grade, a job that you have been wanting for a long time. She will be your best confidant at all times.


You know that shoe you have?

A practice (and that has already become a behavior) between friends is to share items with each other. Here even the coolest items that mothers and sisters wear become game. That's why any self-respecting BFF, makes the wardrobe multiply (which, incidentally, is super cool), after all, it is a way to encourage circular fashion and that #girlspower super support!  And there is always one (or several) Moleca that the friend loves, and of course, that you lend.


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