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>BEHAVIOR | 19.10.2023

Minimalist touch, maximum impact!

1, 2, 3 count! Designs of sandals and bags from Moleca, which are real hits for creating hot looks


Two words define the biggest spoiler of the season: thong sandals! Thong sandals are the new highlight and must-have pieces to rock out either on the street or on the beach. Inspired by the trends of Generation Z - which were on the rise in the late 1990s and early 2000s - they have landed as one of the most successful comebacks for the coming seasons, oozing charm and femininity without sacrificing comfort, of course! After all, summer promises very hot temperatures, and so do its demands, right girls?


It couldn't be any different. Thinking quickly, we've come up with 6 reasons why you should instantly fall in love with them: 1 - they're a pure trend (and a big one!), 2 - they're easy-fitting, 3 - they're extremely versatile (they go well with both shorts and wide-legs pants), 4 - they're comfortable beyond measure, 5 - they lift any outfit due to their fashion-forward touch - 6 - they're really the face of summer (and spring too, don't you agree?). ) Oh, and if you notice, they also revisit the #brazilcore aesthetic, with the legitimate heritage of relaxation, only now with a super up-to-date design. 


Fresh & Fun!

Despite the minimalist finish of the thong sandals, Moleca has done great in terms of originality, featuring its version in a modern shape and unique stylization in the details such as tractor soles, puffer straps, EVA insoles, logo, and apparent stitching, in other words, that WOW effect that we love. Add to that the diverse color palette made up of the most coveted shades (pink, denim, off-white, and black).


To match or contrast colors in the best color-blocking mood, use and abuse quilted shoulder bags. Want to ensure an even more striking and unique result? Add fun with the lucky charms from the brand. No one will be able to parade around with a signature look hotter than yours!



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