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>BEHAVIOR | 03.02.2022

Lock the pose, girls!

Moleca HQ gives you tips to rock it when it comes to taking photos.

In times of selfies and photos full of #aesthetic (which can be cottagecore, all connected with nature, for example) on social networks, it is nice to know that all this content is not only for getting likes. Images are personal stories, a timeline of our lives, filled with valuable moments, with faces and places we love. And a way to never forget!

Today, with the media, we can share our trajectories with other people and it's okay to want to ensure the best clicks! After all, surely there are several girls who aspire to be photographers, right? Which makes us say that social networks are great for this training of the look!! And there is the question of the pose, obviously, but it has to align with various factors for a perfect framing. Without needing so much filter.

Clean the lens of the camera or phone and follow the tips to click successful images!

Place your face on the Sun

Natural light always! It provides photos with higher quality compared to artificial lights (and that's how we try to improve by applying filters and sometimes it doesn't work out very well). Open the window, go to the balcony, to the park and get ready! The appropriate times to enjoy it are at the beginning and end of the day. Ah! Avoid the lights directly to the object, or person, to be photographed, otherwise there will be overexposure.

Attention to the flash light!

Avoid direct flash light, as the lighting creates unrealistic effects. Only use it if you are in a really dark environment. In other circumstances, it will eventually harm the photos: with artificial colors and people with red eyes.

In the dark

The absence of light can result interesting photos. You can create images with amazing shadows and you can super thoughtful subtitles or excerpts from songs, really Tumblr-like, really mysterious, engaging in feeds! Take advantage of elements such as railings and windows. In addition, you can simply take inspiration from the clip Traitor, by Olivia Rodrigo, who gives a lesson on prioritizing shades of looks and highlighting them in the dark.

Watch out for the backlight

When light is coming behind the person or object you intend to photograph, this situation is called backlight. Then, when posing, the sensor of the camera of the mobile will adjust to reduce the clarity emitted by the light source and the result of this is that all the rest of the photo will be darkened.

Fashion is now TikTok

Have you joined TikTok? Us at Moleca have! We love to post content there and we know that girls too, because it is an option for those who love to record videos!

With your phone, you can create cool content and, over time, improve your material. Test it, such as improving focus, angles, sound and light. Do not forget the tips we gave and always prefer an environment with natural light.

Another important tip: try to record the videos vertically. That way, it becomes easy to cut them and edit them later. To do this, simply place the device on a tripod (or some reliable stand). Connect a microphone, so you improve the sound quality.

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