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>CASUAL FASHION | 09.05.2024

Good morning Brazil, good afternoon Europe!

It's all about them: the new espadrilles from Moleca will put you on the fashion radar for their excess of 'cuteness' and for enhancing any look with great flair, you see!


The Ministry of Fashion warns: this content may provoke sighs - without moderation - strong fashionista emotions and a sudden desire to own all the shoes in this post. The good news is that Moleca espadrilles have all this and more! And suddenly you fall in love with them... And you're not alone! This footwear, which for decades was initially adopted by peasant women, years later became the summer must-have in Europe (hello to Ibiza and Saint Tropez!). After a few revolutions around the sun, it became the hit of the season and the favorite choice of style enthusiasts, crossing generations.


And what explains the enduring success of this it-shoe? The answer is simple: versatility and a comfy mood. Democratic and indispensable in the closet of girls who love to be up-to-date with megatrends, the espadrille is in the street style spotlight for serving up a laid-back and cool look, bringing a fun and nostalgic touch to outfits. It's also the perfect match for coordinating so easily with office looks and “hey there friend, I'm in a rush” outfits, complementing a variety of compositions, from casual to neat, without the slightest effort. Especially because we don't settle for boring dressing.

Keeping up with the pace

Now, Moleca is pleased to introduce its updated versions of this classic, offering modern and minimalist options that go very well with the boho aesthetic. The natural rope sole adds a checkmark to the resort style and the easy-fitting shape - just slide your foot in and you're ready to go! - making them an instant favorite!


The immediate upgrade is due to the different elements, guaranteeing a contemporary appeal in all the styles: from the plain uppers - and options with sequin appliques (we love shine!), to the cap toe espadrilles - with the toe showing handmade detail with apparent hand stitching - and even the glam styling with the metallic chain.


All this, accompanied by a diverse color palette, meets the demands of those who can't give up on neutral tones, with the strength of white, off-white, and earthy tones, right through to the sugary palette of sky blue and papaya. The shoulder bag, which also works as a crossbody bag and shines in gold, serves as a fashion trump card for you to take turns with the four espadrilles full of authenticity. If you're instantly attached, tap here, girl!




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