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>CASUAL FASHION | 09.05.2024

Pleats: more than a detail, an event

Unfold the rules of fashion in the purest style with Moleca's selection of besties, which will brighten up your outfit with a lot of personality – and also – a little fancy, shall we?!


Who remembers the high school mood with nostalgia? If it's up to this trend, you can go back in time and relive the classroom with a super cool mood, huh! In addition to the catwalks, streaming series also take a ride on this high school inspiration. Let the famous Constance Billard high school students from Gossip Girl, say so, as the bad girls – but the ultimate fashionistas – from Elite, who revolutionized the school dress code with the classic pleated miniskirt. Now, the pleated effect comes updated with maximum style... even the most demanding duo - Blair Waldorf and Serena Van Der Woodsen - would approve!


Those pleated folds are stronger than ever. The moment has come for the pleated midi skirt, to invade street style and also show all its grace at the main fashion weeks, proving that it's as trendy in New York as it is glamorous in London. It's that must-have piece that, no matter where you are, girl, will always attract attention because of its fluid, simply irresistible cut. That's why you should put it at the top of your wish list because it matches different aesthetics, from rocker to girlie, making a statement to a dress code full of femininity and, subtly, cuteness!


Enjoy and slay, girl!

The texture with draped straps embraced the impeccably ravishing sandals from Moleca. Take a look at the shoes in this post! A green light for authenticity and a trio of shades full of attitude and comfort to optimize any look. The pink sporty sandal, the it-color of the season, is the look for those who love to personalize their outfits with a lot of power, thanks to its sturdy sole and two straps of pure fashion flair.


The sandal in the once classic (and now fashionable) white tone and block heel delivers everything and more in the dress for success: the contrast of the plain strap with the pleated one, showing off the silhouette of the feet and the heel trim, serving sensuality effortlessly, as well as the all-black flat with pleated upper and ankle closure.


Oh, and here's a tip: combine pleats with other trendy items of the season, including shoulder bags in the same texture or in a plain finish - in black or white - to set them apart and create a fun outfit. 





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