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>EASY FASHION | 20.10.2022

Denim mania: the timeless trend now until eternity!

Have you ever imagined living in a world without jeans?  Neither have we. Moleca renews its designs collection in the trendy color, which will never cease to be fashionable

It's common knowledge: jeans are the most democratic garment in fashion! It makes total sense. Raise their hands who have more than one item in the closet? Basically everyone. This is exactly what the research commissioned by a Brazilian multinational company from IEMI - Market Intelligence - points out. Check it out: 87% of the interviewees confirmed that it is essential to their dress code. According to the data, women represent 68%, 90% of whom are up to 45 years old, and 99% of the consumers in general stated that they will keep jeanswear in their closets for the next years.


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Unbeatable and universal, jeanswear has been revamped every season, offering 1001 mix-and-match options in a parallel world of its own. In fashion weeks, the brands exhibited a modern narrative, combining femininity and practicality with collections tailored to interact with the present times. The highlight of the trends makes an invitation to movement with light silhouettes, extreme comfort, and a lot of attitude.

No need to fall into the obvious! The invasion of classic shapes versus specific cutouts is reinforced with a variety of washes. The délavé (faded fabric), dark shades, and the blend of shades transform any 'basic' look into a cool effortless look. That is why it is easy to use your imagination to explore the multi-functionality of denim.


One-color palette and several possibilities

Although you already know by heart how to rock great looks with jeans, Moleca brought the highlights of the major fashion shows for you to adopt on the street style:


Workleisure Mood

The combination of work and leisure has everything to do with the proposals of the moment. Therefore, keep an eye out for slouchy pants, which recall the traditional 'mom jeans' with a loose fit, high-waisted, and tighter hem. The Y2K influence inspired the maxi pockets on the sides, alluding to cargo pants, ensuring a comfortable sensation. For a casual look, add the nude backpack or shoulder bag from Moleca, a versatile accessory in it girls' closet.

Where to find!


Homewear Essence

 All you need to do is reproduce the comfy atmosphere of home in your outfit. The wide-leg version promises to repeat its success in the next seasons with its stripped-down aesthetics for fresh compositions. Another good choice is the patchwork technique, which prints clothes on jeans, mixing denim shades and contrasting the vintage and urban styles. And to top it off, Moleca presents the shade of the moment in flats, wedges, ballet flats, slip-on sneakers, and espadrilles.


Athflow Vibe

It consists of combining sports and tailoring. This trend is inspired by the loungewear concept, allowing smart fusions for several occasions. A great key piece is black jeans, the perfect pair for blazers, kimonos, and shirts. If you prefer a monochromatic look, choose one from the denim designs from Moleca to stand out and ensure a unique result: a lot of sophistication!


Back to the 2000s

The jeanswear also gains a bold look with fashionable styling, present in puffed sleeves, dresses, and jumpsuits. The top and the corset used with low-waisted pants revive the Free Britney era and the cutouts, leaving strategic parts of the body exposed like providential cuts on the sides, back, and under the bust, adding a provocative look. The original touch is the all-jeans vibe. Visualize it there: one piece + Moleca shoes. Nothing left for anyone else, right?



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