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Girl, have you ever stopped to understand what is your nude? Come with us on this fashionista journey to find out a little more about you, your friends, colleagues, mother, grandmother, and about all women!  Today's talk is about how fashion has been deconstructing (outdated) standards!



T-A-N! Tell me: do you know what shade is this? There are those who associate it with the brown family, in a less accentuated version. Some associate it with light brown or with a tone similar to a tan effect. And those who simply put it on the 'nude' account, already used to supporting hundreds of shades in the same definition. But we need to tell you something important! 'Nude' does not enter the chromatic chart as a color, okay? It is more like a concept. Or rather, a behavior. In theory, it is a noun that means naked, with no clothes on. But in truth, it is about skin color. Your skin!


Speaking of such, according to the disclosure of the last Census, held in 2010 by the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE), the composition of the declared race in Brazil has gained a new scenario. Yeah! Of the 191 million Brazilians, 91 million classified themselves as white, 15 million as black, 82 million as brown, 2 million as yellow, and 817 thousand as indigenous. What to take into consideration from this survey? The fundamental: because of this most beautiful miscegenation, Brazilian skins present an immense variety in the color scale, with about 144 different nuances. Hello, let's put diversity, and a lot of inclusion, in this!


This cool mix is on the radar of major fashion brands (Hey! Did you know that Moleca, in 2018, raised and defended this affectionate and empathetic look, first hand, here in Brazil?), which have understood this plurality. A cosmetics company identified 168 skin tones, with 32 corresponding to 98% of our population. The trendsetters have adopted the strength of this palette to take advantage of it when it comes time to put together the look of millions. A heavyweight team of it girls - Kim Kardashian, Kendall Jenner, and Beyoncé - does not give up this visual power in their enviable closets, which awakens our desire to replicate the Ctrl C + Ctrl V.


One more cool addendum to keep in mind: the psychology of coloration gives good neutral friends, subtlety and calming vibe, in addition to imprinting sophistication at high levels, BOLD discretion, charged optimism, order, symmetry, and consistency. And this cause has reach huh! Companies like Band-Aid (which launched bandages in five shades) and Faber-Castel (which expanded its line of colored pencils, offering six new possibilities), both, for skin tones! Isn't this super cool? The timeless status guarantees this selective ranking, minimalist, and compatible combinations for all seasons with the right to a lifetime success label!


The INclusive is ON!

Raise your hand if you have a must-have neutral-toned piece to coordinate with elegant productions or to break up the overcolored. Moleca also brings a precious tip to enhance the dress code. Take note: to further enhance the nude aesthetic, wear and abuse of shoes, if the interest is to lengthen the silhouette. The result? A versatile and totally cool outfit.


For the next season, Moleca delivers the besties with many options to give the perfect match or contrast with your skin tone, baby! From light to dark, enjoy the glam mood of pink, off-white, cream, tan, and the originality of pine, coffee, and black. Once you have decided which shade to wear, you will get lost (in the best sense of the word, of course!) with so many new designs and shapes, from the delicacy of the ballet flats and wedge sandals to the sex appeal of the sandals with block heels, confirming maximum attitude with the chelsea boots with flatform soles, combat boots with wave stylization, mid-shaft, and elongated boots, and the comfort of sneakers, loafers, and moccasins stylized with chains.


Do you want to keep the title of most stylish? Then the final and sure touch is the bags! You can choose between a shopper bag, shoulder bag, or ladylike bag. Focus on the braided finish, one of the fashionista buzz to revere your composition, outstanding your presence. Unforgettable, these it bags!










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