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>FASHION | 12.01.2023

The queen of the ride


You know that image that sticks in your mind? That's what will happen when you see Moleca's new arrivals in the stores. And once you have tried them on, they will never leave your wish list.


Let's talk about an elegant lady with a very young soul: at the prime of her 66 years, she has a good relationship and connectivity with all age groups. The secret of being so beloved by the female public? Always keeping up to date and inspiring confidence. Our diva is a veteran of the catwalks, and her rising has influenced even the generation of tiktokers. You may have come into contact with her, as she is extremely approachable. In this presentation, there are no formalities. We are talking about the 'famous' ballet flat. 


Emblematic, it is at the same time discreet and striking. The pairs found in the majority of closets are a good thermometer of its popularity. We can risk saying that some of the blame comes from the wishes of French actress Brigitte Bardot - considered one of the greatest sex symbols of the 50s and 60s - and one of the first celebrities to defend, worldwide, the welfare of pets. Pause in the bio to remind you that Moleca is also a pet lover. After all, the brand does not use any animal material in its products. A fan of the versatility of ballet flats, she ordered the first pair to also use them on the street. Ahead of her time, she had foreseen the absolute success of the ballet flats, and incorporated them into her dress code, becoming a fashion radar for women always up to date, and who love an iconic piece with a lot of fashion information.


Because of all this and a little more, ballet flats deserve a separate community, don’t they? Look at them: they are synonymous with delicacy, they authentically characterize a romantic outfit, and deserve a thousand and one likes for the extra dose of femininity. Oh, and they can also be the younger cousins of sneakers because they share the same comfort and elevate any basic outfit effortlessly and with zero boring mood, an inheritance of the comfy vibe. Keep a secret? They will dominate the ranking of the most popular trends in 2023, so keep your eyes out for them. After all, forewarned is forearmed! It's not gossip, ok! That's what the experts have been pointing out. 


Loves me, loves me not

Can you count how many ballet flats you have collected so far? Ownnn, I bet some of them recall your school days, your first date with that really hot guy, a memorable job interview, a family meeting, going shopping with the besties, a faithful companion in the luggage of the best trips, and so on. Feel nostalgic? Surely, you have even swapped pairs with a friend or borrowed them and never given it back to your sister, haven’t you? We do understand you! 


After the high visibility among trendsetters, it is impossible to go back to anonymity. Now, if you say you have never tried one on, don't worry, Moleca will not let you go through this drama. Moleca is a mandatory presence in street style and workwear, giving a warning sign of 'look at this wow look' wherever you go. And Moleca presents here your store window of crushes to be immediately embraced, and activate the 'on mode' for the whole season.


Perfect at translating the preppy aesthetic, but with a modern and relaxed vibe, Moleca's ballet flats will 'scream' in the look of those who don't like to go unnoticed. The designs bring the gracefulness of bows and buckles, mixed with several materials and fabrics, such as quilting, suede, metallic, satin, Nubuck (high-quality leather), knit (flexible mesh with anatomical fit), in the options of plain, striped, geometric patterns and zebra print, so up to date! And the variety of colors? When in doubt, invest in intense shades, such as pink, silver, and gold to brighten up the outfits, and also reserve pairs in neutral tones, such as white, black, and beige to contrast with bright looks. This is the kind of friendship that can't be broken! #tip


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