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>FASHION | 30.06.2023

The most talked-about shade of all time is reaching new heights!

Nothing can beat it! Pink has shown what it came for, it promises to make it happen in all four seasons and Moleca has a pink arsenal for you to reign absolute


Pink, hot pink. Pink, pink, neon. Lavender, light, hot, or dark pink. Forget everything you know about the old pink. Now, pink is punk. Pink is pop. And according to a statement by Pierpaolo Piccioli, a stylist for British Vogue, "anyone looks great in pink because the color simply illuminates the inner power of the person wearing it. He is not wrong, is he? If before the color was associated only with the romantic universe, in its candy version, the Barbiecore trend brought a modern and cool look.


Take note: this is the time for hyper pink, which suits several moods, from simple to bold, and enhances any dress code - from 8 to 80 - with an instant boost. Fashion has already proven that no gray day can overshadow this chromatic palette with high-spirited nuances to awaken all the positivity, freedom, and empowerment of the feminine audience. The actress Scarlett Johansson delivered it all on the red carpet of the Cannes 2023 Festival, aboard an unbelievable pink bra dress! And we are all 'in love' with this color because it works well in glam outfits, casual compositions, as well as with the workwear aesthetic. From basic pieces to tailoring, pink is the real deal!


Our tutti-frutti world

Moleca is not out of a trend for nothing! What is not lacking are options beyond originals There is no way that Moleca can stay out of a trend! There is no lack of original options wrapped in pink for you to wear from Monday to Monday and parade in front of society with a lot of protagonism and attitude. The flatform ensures authenticity in any look, and the ballet flat with knotted detailing is a must-have for youthful looks.


Do you want sports shoes with a contemporary design to make you look cool? We have it! And to top off the look, the backpack with puffer effect is the perfect pair! And to get out of the urban vibe and go for a date with a touch of luxury, invest in a pair of sandals with block heels and a lady-like bag, a must-have of the season!




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