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>FASHION | 10.11.2023

Love at first sight and double desire!

Moleca posts and then runs off: now it's up to you to choose between the sporty sandal and the perfect bag! Our recommendation is to embrace all the tips and just wait for the looks, likes, and sighs...


"Summer is coming, a warmth in the heart, this colorful magic, these are the things of life". And it is with this enthusiastic vibe, with the season of high temperatures knocking at the door, that we announce the latest fashion trend: sandals with the 'feet on the ground' proposal are the must-have of the season. With their minimalist construction and soles that are a real invitation to a comfy mood, flats and sport sandals have confirmed they are essential in women's closets due to their maximum versatility, their super cool statement value, and a perfect 'to go' key shoe, taking footwear to another level.


Important detail: anyone who thinks it's impossible to coordinate glam looks without heels is mistaken. Quite the opposite! There's nothing more last season than linking a million-dollar outfit to shoes with this detail. Sandals, known for their 'relax all the time' effect, go beyond the basics and update any dress code, from casual aesthetics to tailoring, giving a trendy look in all circumstances. Not only have they conquered fashion girls, but they also look great on the street style scene, making it easy to put them together with zero effort.


M stands for Moleca, M stands for marvelous!

Alongside sandals, bags are undoubtedly also an object of desire for fashionistas, aren't they? And Moleca offers the most coveted it-bags in the collection to accompany you to all your appointments. Are there shoulder bags in classic nude and off-white shades, sparkling micro covers, and the undeniable M logo? Yes, there are! And ladylike denim bags with a quilted effect and sparkly applications? Absolutely.


And do you know the best thing about all this? You can invest in monochromatic compositions and go out with your sporty sandal and Moleca bag 'matching' or in contrasting colors to create your own combo throughout the week! Do you love it? So do we!






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