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>FASHION | 09.03.2023

I will walk by faith?


Because the flats from Moleca never fail! On the opposite: they embellish the look in an authentic way without giving up the comfy vibe and also enchant by the lightness with a spicy style effect.


They are here, effervescent in the visual and efficient in the functional features to dribble the high temperatures of the season. If hiking sandals dominated everything in 2021/2022, for the hot season 2023, flats and buckle sandals lead the wishlist with versatile, irreverent constructions and the unmistakable seal of a striking aesthetic. Already considered a must-have, they have their place confirmed: on the feet of the trendsetters and in the closets of those who love statement pieces, besides giving a break to heels, proposing a very comfy way to instantly elevate a dress code.


Minimalist - despite the punctual and accurate finishing touches - they promote total protagonism in the look, coordinating perfectly with pants and even more romanticized outfits, especially flowy dresses (take note: oversized florals are the trend of the moment!) and short jumpsuits, the sweethearts of summer. They may deceive at first sight, by the excess of delicacy and girlie result, but they went beyond the basic and conquered the supercool status by appearing with current proposals, such as metallic elements - futuristic mood on the rise -, dopamine injection - by printing vibrant shades - and ravishing styling, conquering once and for all, the title of "to go" key shoe, ideal for all schedules, from day to night.


Oh, just one more important reminder, after all, the more advantages, the better, right beautiful girl? At the time of the year when we travel the most, flats continue to add value because of their compact format, making it possible, with honors, to fit in any corner of your summer luggage and also optimizing the power of the mix-and-match!


Get the trend first!

Is it here they asked for a dose of lightness? You got it! An indispensable item for very hot days with a double touch of femininity, you don't even need a long text for any convincing. Flats are still on the fashionistas' radar not only for their timelessness but for one of the great benefits of those who love conscious consumption: the venerated duo of comfort and style! 


And Moleca has done a great job with its portfolio! There are so many options filled with so much personality, that it will be easier to choose a pair of each design and worry only about the variety of colors. I'll say it again because if you know, you know: the top selection that you see below reflects a fresh vibe with creative and totally contemporary design to accompany you on your wanderings hand in hand with the most promising trends identified so far. I just can't promise that you won't be charmed! Oh, but relax! Some passions last more than one summer. Moleca is like that!


Rainbow of energy

Strong colors are great allies this season, spreading joy and reviving any outfit. Some of Moleca's bets are on Sicilian yellow, mustard, coral elegance, emerald green, pink, lilac, and magenta. Choose your favorites - I challenge you to choose just one shade - and light up your outfits. 


Tractor sole: time travel

It is undeniable! It invaded the street style and stole your attention, right girl? Inheritance of grunge in the peak of the 1990s, these waves ensure charm to any combination and comfort to every step. Stripped down, it offers an innovative and modern proposal. 


Stripes for all my wants

The flats with few straps present a purist shape without so many layers to show off the beauty of the feet with a touch of sensuality. The motto less is more fulfills its role and puts you on the pedestal of reference to later on others do the famous Ctrl C + Ctrl V.


Cozy volume

Make room for the fluffy aesthetic that has embraced fashion in a big way. The imposing volume appears more discreetly on slides with a quilted finish on the thick strap, making urban and casual outfits fun.


Bows, draperies, and the like

Originality is part of Moleca's DNA. And it is common to find shapes full of attitude in each collection. The bows, draperies, and shiny finishes are a party and invite you to take a deeper look into the outfit. 


Apparent seams and authorial handcraft

These details transform the item into something unique and of immediate desire for its distinction. Contrasting colors added to handcrafting create true works of art to be paraded and appreciated by those who enjoy creative and good taste outfits.


Super-powerful insoles, activate!

Besides being beautiful, Moleca's flats provide that pleasant sensation of feeling like you are walking on clouds, you know? This is all to blame for the insoles with comfortable and anatomical settings in puffer and flow versions, velvety texture, antibacterial and cool feeling, very welcome to face the hot summer waves.



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