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>FASHION | 30.11.2023

Moleca Besties: an invitation to success!

All it takes is to look, try on, and rock! The three steps are followed by the fans of the brand, who already know the fame of the shoes acclaimed in every fashion trend


Did someone say summer? We are really looking forward to enjoying the hot season, which brings with it a parade of trends featuring hit after hit so you can't help but say 'wow'! Get ready for the season of short lengths and exposed skin! It's time to get into the fresh & cool mood without moderation. This includes a lot of relaxation and statement fashion with sure-fire highlights, such as the contrasting color palette of intense shades versus the timelessness of neutrals, shots of glitter for right now, and a 'good vibes' mood with references to urban style and resort aesthetics, from casual to glam chic. The rule is to show up, girl!


And among the trends with great potential, it's worth making way for the bikini top. Alongside the beloved tank top, the bikini top, inspired by the top piece of beachwear, and the corset (a revamped version), have not only invaded the catwalks, but are also part of the closet of the fashion-savvy, in different finishes: textured in animal print, metallic, crossed, with fringe and stones, maxi bows, tailoring, or whatever your imagination allows!


For you to arrive in great style!

Temperatures rise and open shoes come onto the scene. If they are Moleca's thong sandals, then the impact is immediate. The Y2K movement is still going strong, revering the main highlights of that time. Sparkle makes its presence felt in the bright micro-crystal dots strategically applied to the straps of the coveted square-toe design. Straight away we warn you: collect all the shades - black, off-white, and pink - to alternate with your outfits, because the comfort and delicious freshness of each step won't let you take them off your feet. That's a promise, you know!


To ensure that 'wow' effect, go for bags in the same shades as the flats - you can choose to wear them 'matchy-matchy' or add some color - with a double function: shoulder strap or crossbody. The shiny cover adds extra charm. Think it's over? Not at all. Moleca's lucky charms - owners of the best adjectives (cute, fun, stylish, and unique) will bring even more originality and attitude to your look. You can even customize your own anklet because if you are a Moleca girl, you are a true fashionista!







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