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>FASHION | 15.12.2023

With Moleca, it\'s not just a souvenir... It\'s great a gift!

With so many lovely options, the challenge will be to go shopping and choose the designs from the brand for all the girl power in the family without taking a pair for yourself. When in doubt, put your wish in the letter to Santa Claus


Christmas is almost here and how are we doing? Thinking about the delicious menu, the possibility of gathering the family, the besties, and the gifts, of course! When it comes to gifts, we mean both the ones you're going to give and the ones you're going to receive. About this, we bring some news! A study by Google and the Ipsos Institute (a company expert in market research) pointed out the five items that are part of the coveted wishlist for this time of the year, and guess what: shoes and clothes lead the list with 59%, followed by fashion accessories (52%), electronics (45%), toys and games (40%), and electronic appliances (33%).

So, if you've been a good girl, you can already ask Santa for your fashion wishes. Now, if you want to surprise the female team, modern psychology gives tips on how not to go wrong with your choice. These include opting for something long-lasting that the person can enjoy many times over. Another bet is to focus on the recipient's preferences. In other words, you know that Moleca crush of yours, that your friend, mom, or sister loves? Get them a pair of Moleca and watch the happiness spread immediately.

Just pick and wrap!

Get ready for the dump of the season: six Moleca shoes that, although we won't say anything, there will be signs that whoever gets this gift, will love them. So as not to complicate your decision-making, we're presenting shoes in a single shade, a trend more than approved, pink, the it-tone of candy colors. In the ravishing portfolio for the hottest season of the year, the versatility of the wedge is the owner of a thousand likes, while the ballet flats continue to be the novelty of millions - we have them in varnished texture and with a romantic bow-shaped finish, awwww!


The Mary Jane version with gold micro-dot detailing matches the girlie mood. Women's favorite heel, the block, appears in two adorable versions: the sandal with thin straps and the clog with wide crossed straps, both full of style to coordinate from office looks to glamorous celebrations. And, of course, the sneakers - the last word when it comes to street style aesthetics - enchant with their super-feminine design and textured leather with perforations. A highlight is the version with the tongue and part of the sole stylized with lots of glitter.


And if the idea is to prove how special this person is, add a Moleca bonus, which could earn you the title of the most thoughtful, the most creative, the best, the queen at giving the best gift... Just add a pair of colorful socks - cotton or lurex - you choose, and a luck charm to finish off any outfit. Then share with us who was the coolest at Christmas? You, right girl?!





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