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>FASHION | 10.04.2024

It is pure ecstasy!

How can you not love this it-shoe, which has survived the years with great style and continues to win over fans from different generations! And if the ballet flats in question are made by Moleca, then it's a guaranteed success in your look


Ballet flats have always been present in the history of super-power girls. The first ballet flat worn on the streets was a request made by Brigitte Bardot, who revolutionized fashion (here is the link, it is really worth knowing more about this #GirlPower reference), in 1956. Yes, the world experienced the enchantment of this it-shoe 68 years ago. Then it was Audrey Hepburn's turn to appear on the big screen in the movie Funny Face, also delivering style with the iconic shoes, and even Coco Chanel became famous for them.


From then on, you, our fashionista Moleca girl, know very well how this review will unfold. The ballet flats have become an essential classic, invited to occupy a very privileged place in women's closets and having their fame proven (and at lightning speed) on social media, on a daily basis, ok! There are thousands of hashtags with mentions of the balletcore trend, which portrays the evolution of this emblematic shoe style without losing its more specific features, such as comfort and a minimalist aesthetic.


Best Friend Forever

Moleca has played a huge part in spreading the fascination with these stunning flats. Remembering that the original design (pause to say that only Moleca has a design that has been worn simultaneously, from 1975 to the present day, by you, your mother, your grandmother, your friends, and even your daughters? Really! It's an incredible women's journey, isn't it?) with a seal of legitimacy is already a signature of the brand of our heart, isn't it? Confess: how many versions do you have in your closet? Can you make room for a few more? Do you want to collect them? Yes or for sure?


Because we warn you that it's good to make room for the cutest collection you'll see on your timeline, feeds, street style, and on the feet of those who are full of attitude. The "authentic" one, the very first one, the darling that has always been part of Moleca's history - even resulting in a mantra that is on the minds, mouths and, of course, feet of those who wear it: if it's a ballet flat, it's Moleca  With a rounded toe, anatomical insole, and modern styling, it gets the nautical texture in the famous striped print in various neutral colors - navy blue, black, and camel with monochrome detailing on the upper. 


Oh, and you can also conquer your Audrey Hepburn's effect in the contemporary vibe with bags in the same palette with sober tones - black, nude, and off-white - in breathtaking shapes, printing geometric forms and different sizes - to make your day by day look as charming as you are, girl!




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