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>FASHION | 31.10.2023

I\'m that girl!

Just like Beyoncé's hits, the silver-tone shoes from Moleca are a blast in terms of style, comfort, and modernity


Long live the queen and silver. She asked, the public answered. Recently, pop diva Beyoncé revolutionized the economy by making a small request: that her fans wear silver to go to the concerts on her tour (by the way, there are plenty of great metallic options in the costumes for Renassaince). And according to the Etsy platform - aimed at small entrepreneurs in the USA - there has been a 25% increase in searches for clothes and accessories in this sparkling color.


The singer has not only heated up sales but has also helped boost one of the darlings of the sparkly color palette. The truth is that the metallic trend is super fashionable and will continue to be so in 2024. Haute Couture Fashion Week also made its contribution, highlighting silver with inspiration from the quiet luxury aesthetic, transporting this strong presence from the catwalks to the streets. So hold on to this idea to create creative outfits with a futuristic mood - which we love - and zero predictability. In other words: this is the best bet for girls who are not afraid to dare!


Setting the Rules!

And as far as Moleca's fashionista designs are concerned, the outfits will shine from afar, baby! There will be plenty of options to deliver doses of style without moderation. Starting with those who love the versatility of the charming sneakers in slip-on versions, with smart shoelaces (no need for tying) and a modern design with stylized perforated details on the upper. 


Following the line of closed shoes, the textured loafer is a good choice to ensure an up-to-date dress code with a lot of attitude. Thinking of giving your look a boost? Pair it with colorful socks, in the best cool & funny vibe, in cotton or lurex.


The next tip matches all the trends as it is one of the best-selling comebacks of this and the next seasons. Among the different shapes of Moleca ballet flats, which one is your favorite? The super-feminine classic shape with a thin toe, topped off with a bow, or the mono-color square toe? Okay, we understand if you like both! But if the weather warms up, you can heat up your outfit with beautiful flats with great sex appeal, thanks to the strategic design of the straps. Well, if you don't want to take our word for it, at least listen to Queen B and go silver! 





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