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>FASHION | 11.08.2023

It´s your time to shine, girl!

Those who have not made their debut in the brightest season yet will have their chance... The shiny flats from Moleca are your passport to a new world


Stop it all! Even 'Barbie' has surrendered to sparkle! In fact, actress Margot Robbie - who we can't take our eyes off since she was cast as the lead role of the planet's most iconic doll in the live-action - took a break from the iconic hot-pink dress code and flaunted a ravishing outfit at the film's world premiere in Los Angeles, California. The luminous all-black, tulle-trimmed strapless dress is a faithful replica of Barbie's 'Solo in the Spotlight' costume from the 1960s. Proof that the shimmering effect is here to amaze, get sighs, and impose maximum power at any time (the event took place on a Sunday afternoon), do you agree??


And it wasn't just her who indulged in the sparkle. Singer Dua Lipa also left the audience slack-jawed as she walked the pink carpet in a fully transparent dress studded with shiny dots, inspired by scales to match her character, Mermaid Barbie. The glow is on and fashionistas are following this trend 24 hours a day, serving original, fun looks with a maximalist touch and high spirits.


Light yourself up!

If your intention is to put together a look loaded with style with zero effort, lots of fashion information, out of the obvious, and that catches the eye at first glance, play on luminescence without mercy! With Moleca you can achieve all this in the blink of an eye, and make sure you get a perfect version to coordinate with the pieces in the closet and still imprint personality when parading full of attitude, worthy of your Barbie version.


The colorful Moleca flats in the color palette of the time - pink, of course, representing the most talked about aesthetic of the season (Barbiecore), jeans, off-white and black - get a boost of pure authenticity in the rhinestone straps in a sweet and delicate contrast. And the mini bags also deserve the spotlight. Radiating light, the shiny covers combined with the initial M, the brand's logo, are an absolute must-have to have now!




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