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>FASHION | 14.07.2023

More color, please!

Moleca invites you to dive into the colors and experience the euphoric sensation with our full-of-color shoes to keep your look and spirits high.


No matter the season. If the thermometers point to high or low temperatures. The trend of this post evokes the most 'wow' color palette of the season to ignite your fashionista side with hot, hot, and hot looks. Strong and modern, the 'colorful intensive' aesthetic - making room for shades such as blue, violet, pink, orange, and green - has a calling for inspiring outfits. Come closer to learning how to create irresistible combinations - it's easier than it looks! - with these shades, the hits of street style outfits, and get ready to become a fashion reference, girl!


The monochrome vibe is on!

After the basic black and all-off-white, the Barbiecore dress code leads the row of compositions in a single color, giving vibrancy to several festive looks, whether in a single piece or coordinating different items in the same nuance of your closet. If you want to bring more intensity to the result, it is a good idea to adopt overtones - lighter or darker. 


Fine blend

Take this idea: the color-blocking trend, which combines vibrant colors in the same outfit, translates the irreverence and attitude of an authentic Moleca girl, who is not afraid to dare. It is worth betting on both warm and cold tones, but the ideal is to choose no more than three colors.


Because we love a contrast

This is the true match of millions. Have you ever thought about applying two great fashion protagonists in the same look? Come on: you can add your favorite color to the success of animal print - a must-have in the women's closet -, among the most varied prints, such as jaguar, tiger, snake, and zebra, and update the dress code in an irresistible and youthful way.


Once Moleca, always Moleca!

And there are designs that translate this glam & funny mood with the utmost style. The super colorful flatforms, in a wide variety of hues (black, jeans, pink, off-white, and green), enhance any look and keep expectations high. Not only for the chunky sole but also for the thorough styling with apparent stitching on the thick strap, proving the contemporary design. Now, take a look at the ladylike bag with a braided finish and silver rings and confess: Are there any besties more 'in tune' than these? Impossible to go around, one without the company of the other. Get yours now!




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