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>FASHION | 11.06.2024

More than friends, BFs (a.k.a besties and fashionistas)

Get ready to update your definition of 'style' after being introduced to the most statement-making pair of the season: Moleca, you deserve our compliments!


Do you know what the popular sayings ''enjoy life because it's short'', ''you only live once'' and ''don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today'' have in common? The message is clear, girl: let's enjoy the moment! That includes not waiting for special opportunities to wear your favorite outfit, right! It's always worth looking your best, even for a simple, unpretentious walk around the block. No storing tagged outfits in the closet (#tip: the energy has to circulate, you know!). The time has come with an explicit command that you mustn't hesitate to make a triumphant entrance, worthy of the catwalk or red carpet, following the maxim: strike a pose, babe!


And there's no lack of stunning trends for you to steal the show and put into play on your day-to-day life. The focus is on attractive appearance, enveloping any dress code with sophisticated charm. The 2024 Cannes Film Festival - 11 days of pure glamour - brought a true parade of sparkling looks, unforgettable stylings (including by Brazilian beauties), full of details, such as applications of shiny covers, pearls, feathers, metallic fabrics, transparency, necklines and structured slits. The radar of the season captured the magnitude of the glow.


A new arrival that is totally you!

And Moleca always has that sure bet, the must-have it-shoe to make any outfit look good. The glow of the moment is in the buckle sandal version, which is dressed in originality with an iconic upper in straps stylized with nothing more and nothing less than a buckle with a stone applique and a finish with distinctive eyelets (oh yes! Authorial fashion that you can only find here!).


The design also takes on the timelessness of off-white to match every piece of women's closets, accompanied by the tractor sole, a streetwear favorite. Now, like any self-respecting Moleca cat-girl - always looking for a cool and creative result - the look is irreverent with the addition of a fashionista item that will become a must-have in your outfit in 3, 2, 1...


We're talking about this minimalist (and at the same time, all showy!) accessory that makes all the difference! The micro bag, also known as the cell phone and card bag, by Moleca, has a fun color palette - between vibrant and neutral tones (off-white, nude, soft pink, pink, and black) - and adds a charming finishing touch. So cute! Oh, and you can choose to wear it on your shoulder or crossbody. Ready to attract attention, girl? You're going to be the one!





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