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>FASHION | 19.06.2023

The ´Worth Wearing Again´ dress code is chic, yes!

Here, we do not mind repeated looks, even more so if we are talking about Moleca's sports shoes collection. Again, over again, just one more time...


"If you are not repeating your clothes, maybe you are not building your style". Let's demystify that wearing the same look over and over again is out of fashion. More and more, activating the "again" mode in the look is synonymous with empathy and an ecological mindset. By the way, here's a tip: if you are going to consume, look for engaged brands (Moleca is one of them, see?) with ESG practices and policies (respect for the environment, social, and business transparency).


This practice was left in the very distant past, back in the 18th century. To increase the sale of fabrics and give a boost to the economy, the ladies of the court did not repeat their dresses. But, - thank you, God! - times have changed! Now, putting your favorite outfit on the game only confirms your empowered position, oozing out attitude, girl!


And there's a great team in this world that loves to put their outfits on parade almost on their own! The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, doesn't seem to have any problem showing up with the same combinations in her royal schedule. Just like Kendall Jenner always goes out with her 'black doudoune' - the famous puff jacket (with super-oversized modeling) and Kim Kardashian doesn't give up her favorite bodysuit. Even Jennifer Aniston confessed that she loves to revisit her retro collection.


Welcome to Moleca's rainbow!

And every fashionista girl knows exactly what it is to be attached to a Moleca crush. So comfy&cool, you don't want to take them off your feet. So, to soothe that little heart, we present a top selection of the most loved sports shoes from Moleca for you to vary from Monday to Monday, or choose the one that will be your eternal bestie. 


How can you not want to show off - every single day - the casual sneakers from Moleca, with their original shape, modern sole, and color variety that no one can deny? To face Monday you need to be in the mood, so it is worth betting on the fresh and funny mint vibe. The idea is to keep Tuesday in high spirits? Trust us and go for the jeans + big smile version. Book the meetings for Wednesday and invest in the elegance of the nude appeal. Well, Thursday calls for happy hour and the joy of dopamine without moderation in the form of magenta, huh! Thank God it's Friday? Then it's time to celebrate with the basic luxury of black accompanied by the heartcore trend (a heart-shaped finish that is pure inspiration!).


For the weekend, it's up to you! You decide and repeat one of Moleca's hits with zipper details, perforations, applications, and gold plate on the shoelace to enhance the look with charm.






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