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>FASHION | 12.04.2022

Mule: how to wear the shoes that it girls love to collect?

And take this #vision: Elizabeth Olsen, or Wanda, is there to prove. 

Moleca HQ asks: do you know where the model we call the mule came from? It came from Morocco and was very used in the 70s, always presenting variations of earthy tones (since it was the trend of the time!). Its success has crossed generations, yey!, thanks to the easy fit and the freshness of keeping the heel exposed.

Today, there are more variations of models, whether with a thin, square or round point. The same goes for those on heels, which can reach up to five centimeters in height. Can you resist it? We say with propriety: of course not! Not least because several outings ask for the support of a BFF who serves beauty and functionality in day to day!

Using mule to compose your look

The mule looks great with just about everything: dresses, skirts and shorts. In addition to the classic look with flare or skinny pants — and then we remember our personal friend Elizabeth Olsen, who reigns in street style when the subject is formal look and that, at the same time, is contemporary and carefree. There are the leggings also for those who like the sporty and casual mix (and they have been successful among international celebrities).

All productions follow the same tip: wear pieces above the ankles to enhance every detail and tone of this footwear.

In Moleca, you find mules with various looks. It has rustic appeal, straps that highlight the metallic shine, quilted look and shades of the moment (such as jeans and camel), which make them suitable for different occasions. Ensuring comfort and elegance, as well as a lot of versatility. Ready to rock it?

Tell us which one is your favorite! Ah! And we want to see the outfits full of style and comfort there in our DM, huh? @moleca_oficial.


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