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>FASHION | 16.05.2023

A new - and fashionable - neutral shade is born!

If you haven't fallen in love with off-white yet, Moleca brings you countless reasons to get attached to this color, which is not shy at all!


Do you want to know something? White was the chosen color for the dress code of the women who took to the streets to demand the right to women's vote, in the middle of the 19th century. The soft, minimalist shade has an unmatched inquisitive power. And from this pure nuance, we were presented with a dominant version, which has already become a megatrend. Write it down, off-white, more versatile than beige, 'is just perfect' to support a look of millions, exactly as our power girls are used to!


Although the dopamine dressing wave, a reference to the neurotransmitter associated with the immediate discharge of happiness and pleasure, is directly linked to the chromatic palette of intense colors, off-white causes the same effect, promoting an instant sunny vibe. As a matter of fact, its fame has guaranteed the function of competing on the same level as the all-black look, such is the fashionistas' approval. Bold status is decreed for those who accept nothing less than outfits signed with super-original styling.


Off-white is in mode on!

If it is up to Moleca, there will be no lack of options for a highly coveted outfit with notes of sophistication and maximum temperature. The hot chic look of off-white is featured in the loafer version (moccasin), an ideal choice for lovers of old money and preppy styles coordinating the classic white shirt in a college mood.

The color sensation also embraces other hot fads of the moment, such as the balletcore trend, exuding ultra-femininity in the ballet flats with delicate details in bows, in reverence to girlie fashion, and in the modern flatform and seductive design of the straps to match casual and sporty pieces, including the athleisure fashion (union of athletic + leisure) increasingly present in the office look and street style, escaping the obvious.

Now, when it comes to accessories, the big hit comes in the form of shoulder bags. Girls, let's agree that there is no way to remove the merit of elegance with the top 3 that we have selected for you! The puffer aesthetic and the braided finish give a contemporary and glam touch to make you look great in any outfit. Which one says more about you, huh


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